5 Best Places to Work Remotely and Live Your Best Life

Dream of taking your job on the road? Who hasn’t? But if you have the option to work remotely, why not try moving abroad and starting your very own adventure?

While remote work can occur anywhere in the world, some countries lend themselves to this better than others. First of all, you’ll need to consider the cost of living. It might be fun to move to New York or Tokyo, but after paying for your overpriced closet of an apartment you’ll have little money to do much else.

You’ll also want to make sure you live where there’s something to do. If you move to the middle of Oklahoma where there’s nothing to do and you don’t know anyone, you’ll be miserable. 


Here are the five best places to work remotely.

1. Munich, Germany

Munich is the world-famous center of Oktoberfest, which you’ll get to be front and center for if you choose Munich as your home base. And the city is world renown for its museums, music, and art.

If you prefer the outdoors, there are tons of amazing mountains and woodlands to explore. Or maybe you just want to enjoy drinking outdoors at one of the famous beer gardens?

Munich is well-connected to the rest of the world, and trains can transport you across central Europe to access different large companies. Prefer to work for a smaller company? Consider the Munich Startup Jobs job board to find the job for you.

2. Canggu, Indonesia

Why would you want to move to Indonesia? Well, does the name “Bali” ring a bell? Canggu is a beach village on the island of Bali bordering a resort town.

Canggu is home to a variety of amazing cultural experiences. These include Hindu temples, jungle hikes, and beautiful beach views.

The price is what makes Canggu stand out on our list of best places to work remotely. The cost of living is cheap, at less than $1,300 a month — the cheapest on our list. For perspective, dinner is less than $5 and beer is about $1.75.

3. Porto, Portugal

Porto is a coastal city in Portugal and is the second-largest metropolitan area in the country. And it’s quite cheap to live there: a beer is less than $3 and dinner runs at about $6. And you can look forward to a wonderful walking-centered city that makes it easy to get around without a car.

There are tons of internet cafes, making connectivity easy. Worried that you don’t speak Portuguese? Don’t be: the locals like Americans and don’t mind if you don’t speak the native tongue.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Like Canggu, Bangkok is a very popular remote working location and for good reason. It has all the benefits of a great metropolis like New York and Tokyo but without the price hike. And it’s located near some world-class tropical beaches.

Locals are used to travelers and aren’t particularly bothered if you don’t speak the language. While you can set up at a coworking area, even home WiFi has good enough connectivity so that you can simply work from home. And the low cost of living lets you live large even on what would be considered a moderate salary in the states.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Finally, we have the “Paris of the East” at rock bottom prices. Budapest has some of the lowest costs of living in Europe. And it still manages to be one of the most beautiful. Not to mention the amazing classical music and the great nightlife.

What puts Budapest on this list is the low cost of living and cheap, lightning-fast internet. It also offers quality affordable healthcare and some pretty amazing restaurants and wineries. 

Best Places to Work Remotely: Now You Know!

Now you know the best places to work remotely. So why put your dream on hold? Start planning your move today!

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