How to select the perfect mattress

As mentioned in our article looking at the effects of sleep deprivation, your quality of sleep can have a huge impact upon your health and therefore your quality of life. But I wonder how many of us have considered how the standard of your mattress can underpin problems with sleeping at night?

Thankfully, the experts at GQ have put together a handy guide of 2019 top mattress picks to help you discover your perfect mattress type.

Their comprehensive survey looked at and analysed 20 mattresses using a range of criteria including:

1. Responsiveness and bounce – tested by running across all 20 mattresses (in clean socks).

2. The level of support provided by memory foam, “Are you swaddling or drowning in it?”

3. Heat- how hot does the mattress make you feel?

4. The level of support and comfort provided by spring coil versus memory foam.

What did they find out?

Comfort and support

The best mattresses are both comfortable and supportive, whatever the materials they are composed from. Whilst comfort levels are easy to work out by lying on the mattress, support is a little trickier. Generally, the more expensive mattresses are thicker and heavier with more layers providing comfort in the top part and the bottom layers giving more support than a thinner mattress.

Size, weight and sleeping position matter

For a child or someone weighing less than 100 pounds- a medium-soft or soft mattress may provide ample support and comfort.

If you’re an adult male-opt for a medium or medium-firm mattress.

You also need to consider your sleep position: A side sleeper will find that their hips and shoulders dig in to the mattress creating uneven pressure so they may prefer medium options. They will also need to consider mattress thickness and materials as a memory foam mattress can sink more, keeping the spine aligned and pressure even when broad shoulders dig in to the mattress.

Here are a few of the winners:

At medium firmness, this is a hybrid mattress with spring coils and a foam topper.

Helix offer a wide range of mattresses at standard and luxe price points. This mattress was the clear leader amongst testers for its comfortable, pillow top and healthy but forgiving spring. It also has a breathable woven stretch knit cover which prevents it from overheating.

  • Tuft and Needle standard foam mattress

This is comprised of two layers of foam- a comfortable soft top layer with a denser layer underneath for support. In spite of being a more basic model than the Helix, it does provide a luxurious mattress at a good price. The foam contains a cooling gel to prevent overheating.

  • Leesa standard mattress

Made from 3 layers of foam, it provides solid support, comfort and the right level of give whilst staying cool and providing a bit of bounce. 

Whatever the mattress you opt for, do make sure you have a good sleep routine so you can get the full benefit from it.