How To Teach Your Teen How To React In Case Of Their First Car Accident Alone

Having a teenager that is driving is one of the most stressful aspects of being a parent. This stress increases if your teen is a bit of a wild driver or simply panics when confronted with a tough driving situation. Being involved in a car accident is one of the most stressful situations a person can be involved in. There is a panic due to injury or the car not being able to drive. There are things you need to do that will protect you so it is imperative that you teach your teens about these things. The following are tips to let your teen know if they have been involved in a car accident of any size.

Pull Over To Safety After Taking A Few Quick Photos

The first thing that your teen might try to do is to get out
of the car. They should avoid this if they are not in a safe area as people
tend to pile up around accidents due to rubbernecking. Taking a few quick photos
of the accident scene in a safe area is recommended so the other driver cannot
make false claims. There are far too many people that try to blame the other
driver especially if they are younger trying to trick the officer that responds
to the accident scene.

Tell Them To Call You Immediately And Not To Speak To Anyone If Possible

Your teen needs to call you immediately and they most likely will in a panic. Remind them on the phone to wait to speak to anyone as you do not want your teen intimidated by the other driver so they admit fault. There is a chance that if there was reckless driving so there could be criminal charges filed. If you have a family lawyer allow your teen to call them as they can be the best assistant in this situation. Make sure you have a CPR Certification Indianapolis to professionally save a life.

YOU As Their Parent Call The Insurance Company If They Are Under 18

If your teen is under 18 handle calling the insurance
company for them. The companies usually ask questions to try to get a client to
admit they were distracted in order to avoid paying for repairs or injury to
the other party. All you have to do is read what the accident report says as
all other information could be incriminating to the insurance company. These calls
can also be recorded and brought into court if anything is said that impacts
the case.

You And Your Teen Go Together To Find A Car Accident Lawyer

Finding the best attorney is important as an expert like those at Diaz Car Accident Law Firm can be a huge help. A car accident lawyer understands how to file the right paperwork and deals with the lawyers from insurance companies. The last thing you want is to pick a firm that always settles and insurance companies understand this. You want a firm that is willing to go to trial if they feel like the settlement offer is simply not fair.

Teach your teen what they should do and laminate reminders
for their glove compartment. This will come in handy as they are going to be
flustered and scared after their first fender bender.