How to Use a Dab Kit Bundle for Optimum Results

Whether you are an amateur smoker or a connoisseur, there’s no harm in trying the latest dab accessories that take your smoking experience to a new level.

A dab kit bundle will help you discover a whole new way of smoking. It is a luxurious experience, and the kit enables you to get fancy. However, using the kit for the first time can be tricky for a first-time user who is not yet ready with all the parts. Here is a brief overview of who to use a dab kit bundle to let you enjoy the experience.

Knowing the Parts

First, you need to get acquainted with all the components. The bundle comprises a torch lighter, a convertible dab rig that is usually a classic mini bong, or a traditional quartz banger.

There is a removable glass bowl, but you can change it for a banger nail. There is also a metal lea rolling tray. You also have silicone containers used for storing all the things away after you are done. The bundle also uses a Blink butane torch with which you can heat the banger nail.

Using the Dab Rig

You will need water to cool down the smoke in the dab rig, just like you would do it in a small glass bong. You need to add very little water, just enough to cover the bottom of the glass stem.

Next, you have to add the products to the banger nail. You have to heat the nail with the butane torch to become very hot, but then let it cool down a little before you add a slice of glob.

With the help of a stainless steel dab tool, the product inside the bowl of hot quartz bangs nail. Inhale from the mouthpiece while you are doing so. However, be careful not to touch the banger nail with your bare finger, and to avoid doing that, swirl the dab tool around.

Once you are done, you should let the quartz banger nail cool down before removing it from its position. It would help if you placed it on a heat-resistant surface after removing the nail from the dab rig.

You will also find several smoking accessories in the dab rig bundle.

Using the Water Bong

To convert the rig to a water bong, you need to remove the banger nail. Instead, use a glass bowl that comes with the kit. Put water in the pipe just like you would do in the case of a bubbler. Then, moderately pack the bowl with ground tobacco. Use a butane lighter to heat the product. Place your mouth over the mouthpiece to inhale the smoke. Once the water pipe is filled, you can remove the glass bowl from the pipe.

Additional Parts

You will also find some dab tools in the bundle. They are meant for slicing the glob or scooping the smoking product or tobacco. There are also tools for cleaning the glass rig. The glass dabbing tool is, of course, the main component of your bundle.

You can also collect additional glass pieces and a bowl to add to your kit. As you grow more accustomed to smoking from a dab rig bundle, you will be able to figure out your smoking style and make additions to your kit.