How to Use Live Video Streaming to Engage with Your Followers

Video content is everywhere these days, due in part to its popularity and ease of creation. The quality of content is also on the rise, as the costs to create high quality video has plummeted in recent years.

Now, smartphones come equipped with video cameras that shoot impressive quality and there are endless editing tools available, many of which are free. So, now you can’t simply publish video content and expect to stand out, as it’s a very crowded space. You need to be innovative, and live video streaming is one way many businesses are standing out above their competition on social media.

Broadcasting live allows you to create a brand voice and showcase a little personality. This makes you a more likeable business, which in turn presents a chance for you to start a conversation with your audience. This type of interaction was never possible before, but now you can literally connect with your followers, whether it’s 200 or 3 million, instantly, and engage with them in real-time.

Here are a few tips that you can use to make sure the time you invest in live broadcasting is spent wisely. It’s a new option, and one that can be very effective when done correctly.

Give your audience notice that you will be broadcasting live and stick to a regular broadcasting schedule.

Broadcasting live requires that you part with the most valuable asset there is, which is your time. So, in order to make the most of it, you should announce your broadcasting times far in advance. Then, look for a company that offers audio visual installation services, especially if you’re planning to do this more often. The right audio visual equipment and services can definitely contribute to the success of your broadcast or livestream.

“By announcing a date and time for your broadcasts in advance you give your audience time to plan to attend. You want to have as many people on as possible, so give fair warning,” suggests Chris Dziak, CEO of Pure Nootropics.

Also, if your broadcasts show just a handful of people it will cause the majority of your viewers to tune out much sooner, as they assume it’s not a popular nor informative video broadcast. Remember, they are giving up their time as well, so they need to feel like they are part of a popular event.

Provide a reason for your audience to tune-in.

“You can’t simply announce a live broadcast date and time and expect all of your followers to show up. You need to entice them with a bribe and make it worth their time,” says Jim Rafferty, CEO of Wabash Power.

The most effective way to attract viewers is to give something of value away, whether it’s a prize, service, or product, that will depend on what your business is and what would be appealing for your viewers. It needs to be something that will make it worth their time and if you make it extra special it will get them talking and actually help you attract even more viewers to tune in.

Keep your viewers engaged.

So many people will put all kinds of effort into attracting viewers, but then completely blow the opportunity by being boring during the broadcast, causing the audience to drop off quickly. You have to keep them engaged from start to finish, with no dead air. Have a look at how the best online casino malaysia do their live casino games.

“Live broadcasting is a great way to educate and inform, but you don’t want to sound like a professor. You need to let your personality shine and grab your viewer’s attention from the start and hold it until you end your stream,” offers Michael Plaza, CEO of Compare the Financial Markets.

Have a well thought-out call-to-action at the conclusion of your broadcast.

attracting viewers to your live broadcast and held their attention for the duration of your stream, but now what? Have you thought out what you are going to put out there in terms of a call-to-action?

“The entire point of hosting a live broadcast is to build a stronger relationship and then hopefully convert some of the viewers into customers,” says David Sessford, Managing Director of Ready Steady Sell. “You need to have a strong offer ready to present your viewers with the exact moment their interest and excitement level is at its highest point.” If your offer is related to the topic of your broadcast and you present a very special discount, then expect to see solid conversion results.