If You Are a New Business Owner, You Need These Essential Supplies

Office work requires essential items to help staff perform their tasks. Think about it. How would you be able to write if you do not have a pencil or pen? What do you use to write down your notes? What do you use to collate related notes? What do you use to print out a vital report?

Indeed, in an office, many of the essential items are quite small and do not cost much. But they facilitate the execution of a myriad of tasks every day.

So, if you are a new business owner, here’s a list of the essential office supplies you need to keep available most of the time.

  1. Essential office supplies a new business needs

For a new business, here are the essentials that you should have ready all the time to ensure that your workday runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Paper. It is the most essential among all the office supplies you need. The most commonly used is bond paper, which many offices today use as copy paper, too. Offices typically use bond papers in different sizes, such as letter (short bond), legal (long bond), and A4. For printing important documents, you need letterheads printed on premium bond paper. Many offices keep in touch with other companies that provide other paper services like paper core manufacturers.
  • Shredder. For privacy and security, a shredder is an essential office supply. A shredder can help you prevent sensitive documents and correspondence from getting into the wrong hands. Aside from vertical shredders, the modern shredders have different shredding cuts, from cross-cuts to micro-cuts, which render documents incomprehensible.
  • Stapler. You keep documents in order and together with a stapler. Staplers come in different sizes. Regular staplers can fasten together about six to twelve sheets of paper, while a heavy-duty one can staple around 50 sheets. They come in different colours as well, which can brighten office desks. Do not forget to have several boxes of staples too.
  • Pens. You need a pen for jotting down vital notes, such as contact numbers and addresses. You can use a Handcrafted Ballpoint Business Pen to write important ideas while you’re using your computer. Pens have ink in various colours. The category also includes highlighter pens, which are available in pastel and neon colours.
  • Folders. You use folders to organise and keep documents safe. Buy a good quantity of business folders, heavy-duty ones, expanding folders, presentation folders, tabbed folders, and hanging folders. Folders today come in different materials, from the basic paper folders to more durable ones made from opaque plastic, transparent acetate, pressboard, Kraft and Manila paper folders. They come in different colours, which help in document segregation and identification.
  • Sticky Notes. Purchase colourful sticky notes in different sizes and colours. They are convenient for noting down important messages, reminders and information. You can stick them on any surface, but they do not leave any glue residue or marks.
  • Envelopes. An office should have a stock of assorted envelopes. Have standard plain white envelopes, envelopes printed with your company logo, brown envelopes in different sizes and heavy-duty padded envelopes for shipping.
  • Hole punch. You should invest in a heavy-duty hole punch. The standard one punches two holes, but you can also have hole punches that can punch three or four holes.

With these essential office supplies, your office staff will have their tools for everyday tasks.