Importance of Staying Humble

Most people agree that humility is an important and powerful attribute of growth. Now, here’s a quick question. What does being humble mean? Being humble is to have the ability to show more generosity, gratitude, or helpfulness. Humble individuals tend to learn faster. Being humble also helps individuals build trust, a key aspect of personal development.

Yes, staying humble is important. Shalom Lamm believes that humility goes a long way. The renowned entrepreneur also believes that arrogance can lead to the destruction of an individual’s professional reputation.

Who is Shalom Lamm?

Besides being an entrepreneur, Lamm is also a philanthropist who supports several charitable causes around the globe. His career in the business world spans over forty years. Lamm believes that diversification allows individuals and brands to sample the best of different worlds. His career portfolio is a testament to this belief. The business mogul has operated in different enterprises during his four-decade stint in the private sector.

One little-known fact about Lamm is that he loves bolstering the reach and growth of Operation Benjamin, an organization that is committed and dedicated to identifying Jewish soldiers who are buried in different military cemeteries across the United States. The organization replaces the Latin crosses on the laying places of Jewish soldiers with headstones bearing the star of David.

Lamm’s Notable Achievements

While Lamm is doing an extraordinary job with Operation Benjamin, the philanthropist was a member of the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs’ board of directors.

Reasons Why Lamm Believes That People Should Remain Humble

According to Shalom Lamm, we should maintain our humility because it helps us challenge the status quo. Young people should be ready to question existing cultures, beliefs, or the status quo in their pursuit to show more generosity, gratitude, and helpfulness. Challenging the status quo creates new paths to success in different professional fields. A lot of people might not know this, but challenging the status quo on a personal level helps people free themselves from ideologies that limit their growth.

When we are humble, respecting everyone who is around us comes naturally. Losing sight of being respectful can lead to the failure of promising careers. Knowing this, people should also remember that hierarchy has nothing to do with respect. What do we mean by this? The janitor, guard, receptionist, or doorman should be treated similarly to the firm’s Vice President.

Humble individuals seek out more opportunities to positively impact others by doing good. People might not always remember what we told them, how we told them, and why we told them something, but they will always remember how we made them feel. When you do something good to someone, these people will feel good. That said, note that a little kindness always goes a long way since everyone has their battle to fight.