Inflation and Gold

The U.S has seen consistent and aggressive inflation since the turn of the 20th century. The dollar today has the same buying power as six cents did  in 1922. 2022 saw one of the quickest inflation raises at 9.1%. This applied across food, energy, and any other consumer market.

This starts to draw out a scary fate for the dollar. Even compared to other nations, the dollar has depreciated in comparison to Mexican, Canadian, Chinese, and British currency. Regardless of what category one is looking at, from milk to college education, the U.S has had massive increases in prices.

Even gold has seen massive price increases over the past few decades, but the difference? Gold is a stable, tangible, and ever increasingly valued resource. While the dollar can be defaulted on and continues to lose value, gold remains a steady investment and is particularly valuable in times of strife.
This doesn’t mean that gold is the only solution or the only investment worth one’s time, but it is something solid one can own. As inflation only seems to be increasing more and more, it is in every American’s interest to look for some form of stable investment, be that gold or any other alternative. For pure reliability though, gold remains king.

In An Era Of Inflation, Gold Still Reigns Supreme
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