Is the Process of Building Houses Wrong

One architecture firm says that the process of building houses is wrong. They base that statement on the fact that cars and planes are designed, only once they know how they will be built. It is the opposite with houses which are designed first and then people need to figure out how to build them. Will we change the way we build houses and will we keep enlarging the percentage of prefab pieces inside them?

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The Prefab Construction Market Keeps Rising

What is the problem with designing houses and then having to figure out how to build them? The answer brought on by an architectural firm and their partners, car designers and space engineers, is that it makes them expensive, time consuming and sometimes simply impossible to build. Their suggestion is that we reverse the process, to adopt one similar to the way we make cars and airplanes today.

They also suggest that by breaking down building designs into a series of components that get manufactured and assembled together (prefab), it will reduce the construction time of a house by 50%. That would, in turn, make it easier and faster to meet the housing need in large cities around the world. The prefab industry has been very popular in the last decades around the world, especially in South Africa where shelters built with containers have been growing in numbers. Here is where you can learn more about the various constructions made out of containers.

An Architect Firm with Experience

The architect firm of the Sharples brothers has already gained its stripes in the industry thanks to the use of great tools like a sketchup rendering plugin, and that is why it is worth listening to what they have to say. Their firm called SHoP, based in New York City has already created many of the high-rise buildings which can be seen in that skyline, including K-shaped towers on Manhattan’s East River. Today, they are working on a 1,400 feet skyscraper on the edge of Central Park.

The approach of using prefab pieces to build their projects now goes back twenty years. In fact, they have used that approach in one of their most important constructions to this day, the Barclays Center Arena in Brooklyn and its adjacent 32-story B2 apartment tower. Today, it is still the tallest modular building in North America. Research scaffolding companies in UAE if you have a construction project there.

For the brothers, using this method is, as they say, like building a building inside a building. The fact that it takes place inside a protected and weather-proof environment, makes it that much safer to ensure that the project will be finished in time and within budget. To make the construction process more efficient. additional services rendered by professionals like JSB Mini Diggers best company for digger hire may be essential.