It’s Time To Modernize Your House!

Do you have an older home that is just outdated? Possibly, you are searching for a new home, and just keep finding older homes in your budget? Don’t despair, a few easy fixes can modernize a home in no time. Most you can do yourselves, you can soundproof walls of the bedrooms, while others may require a specialist, such as a kitchen or a bathroom remodelling. All of these things will make you love your home, so why not give it a shot?

Nothing says new and modern like a fresh coat of paint. Painting is one of the low-cost home improvements to help you make your home appear new. You can choose total repainting by giving your interior and exterior a fresh paint coat. Look for experts like the painters dublin to know how to best choose the colors and materials for this task.

It is fun looking at different colors to lighten up a room. Then you can choose accessories to match your new colors. You can even add accent walls with a slight change in the colors to adjacent walls or place a mural for a more modern look. It makes for a fun look. Check out Murale Design for high-quality printed murals.

If you don’t have money in the budget for all new kitchen cabinets, you can just replace the doors. You can also just take down the current doors, and repaint with a fresh glossy, easy to clean paint as well. New cabinet pulls are a must as well. A simple polished metal look does wonders to a kitchen.

A total kitchen remodel can cost an average of about $21,000.00, using a contractor from Oak Run in Ocala FL, and getting all new appliances. However, there are ways to cut corners. Some of your major home centers and appliance stores have scratch and dent sales. Who cares if the backside of an oven or refrigerator has scratches, no one sees that anyway.

Places like Habitat for Humanity Restore, sometimes have countertops, cabinets, and more household items for sale at great prices, you just have to search. If you have a chance, add an outdoor kitchen; you’ll get a totally fresh perspective of the house.

A new movement in modernizing homes is actually by using old items to accent the age of a home. If you love the country or live in an old farm home, why not use barn door hardware? You can hunt yard sales, or auctions for old barn door hardware, which tell a story, or find modern barn doors in stores or online. Many people take old sliding barn doors and hang them, to make new doorways, or close in open spaces you don’t want to be seen.

Think the front entrance to your home is boring and drab? You can change the whole look of a home, with just a few changes. If the front of your home is just flat, why not consider adding a porch and slightly peaked roof over the doorway? It does wonders for the homeowner. Adding a new front door, a couple of rocking chairs, and now your home is inviting, and more modern.

Your property’s roof is one of the first things that your guests will see. If it’s been a while since the last roofing work, you may consider a Metal Roofing Restoration System to improve the condition and aesthetics of your roof.

One of the more important ways to modernize your home is with lighting. Swap out old outdated lighting fixtures, and bring in new sleek metallic ones. If you can afford it, maybe some track lighting. Don’t use too bright of bulbs, as they tend to show imperfections.

Something most people overlook is having soundproof window treatments. You can create a “wow” factor with beautiful window treatments. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Check out pictures from magazines, or go online to see what others have done, then you can reformulate it your needs. It can be as simple as buying a fancy large curtain rod, then draping fabric over it. Let your imagination run wild.

Add some color throughout the house. If you painted the walls, find some pillows or throws in vibrant colors that will enhance the walls. Maybe add easy stick-on wall borders, or even now, you can get stick-on inspirational “sayings” If you are not good with “live” plants, get some silk ones.

Watch some home and gardening shows to get more tips on modernizing your home to give it a new look. Talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor if you’re planning to update your bathroom. Go into home stores, and see what is trending in window treatments, or even ideas for the outside. There is nothing like “living” in the backyard too. You will love coming home to work on projects, or just relax in your new setting. Have fun!