Leadership Skills to Acquire

If a team does not have a leader nothing will get done. The leader needs to keep things organized and inspire the team to continue. Judge Napolitano knows that a strong leader and a fair leader are a must for any project. These are some leadership skills that a person should have according to Napolitano. These are some skills that a good leader must have.


A good leader will take responsibility for the performance of the team. Even if the outcome is not ideal and does not work out as planned they will still accept the responsibility. A leader needs to provide praise to the team for their effort. They should also give feedback on where improvements should be made. All people make mistakes and the leader needs to accept any mistakes that they have made.


Changes happen all the time. The leader needs to go with the schedule change and even changes in some goals. The leader needs to be flexible and make changes as needed. They will need to have some problem solving skills and abilities to keep up with these changes and tasks.


A good leader is confident in their skills and abilities. Confidence can be a good motivation for others on the team. Even when the going gets tough the leader needs to be strong and help motivate others. This will help make the connection strong and will help the team pull through.


Good leaders will find solutions even if things are difficult. They will go for new ways to do something and some new skills. A leader wants the team to be creative and think of new approaches to a situation. They will encourage different solutions and different ideas.


Situations happen and Judge Napolitano believes that a good leader will have empathy with each other. This will allow the leader to see the people they are working with in a highway and this will allow them to value their employees and team members.


It is easy for the team to focus and to get off task. The leader will help bring the team back to focus when needed. They will help the team see what is important and will help them focus on these goals. They can also schedule the time that the team will work to reduce interruptions.

Be Positive

Things are going to be challenging when working on a project. The leader cannot get discouraged. They need to stay positive even when things can be challenging. They will look at the good aspects of things and they can encourage the team to keep ongoing.


The team needs to know what to expect from the leader. The behavior needs to be consistent and predictable.

These are some skills that a leader needs to be successful. If a person is looking to take on a leadership position they need to develop these skills. This will allow them to be successful and help motivate others that they are responsible for. You may read this manage disruptive change book to help you more on how to become an effective and adaptive leader.