Learn How to Choose the Right Sheets

If you want to stay healthy, getting the proper sleep you need is very important, and purchasing the right sheets is an aspect everyone should take seriously. In recent years, more people are getting rid of their flat sheets and opting for an alternative, such as a comforter or blanket. 

Many people, especially single American women and couples, change their sheets at least once a week while single American men in particular wash their sheets every 10 weeks or so. Although, several people do admit that they don’t have time to change their sheets every week while the others simply acknowledge that they often forget. More than 50% of the American population don’t believe in expert recommendations when it comes to taking care of their sheets, but not washing bedding often enough can actually lead to an overall poorer quality of sleep. 
In terms of buying new bedding, taking in consideration the material used (such as if the sheets are made of linen or cotton), the quality, weave, and length of the fibers, the ply, and even the color of the bedding can be important when it comes to getting the quality sleep you desire. Do you know what you want to get for your next sheets?

Guide to Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Bedding
Source: PizunaLinens.com