Lessons ‘Escaping the Dashia’ by Rebecca Inch-Partridge Taught Us

International author and editor Rebecca Inch-Partridge releases her debut YA science fiction novel Escaping the Dashia, the first book of her “The Paraxous Star Cluster” series, under Black Rose Publishing. Escaping the Dashia follows the story of Twyla, a 15-year-old telepath who has been living secretly on Earth to forget her past. Twyla’s a girl who has a race of a Dashia but despises it. Humans raised her, but in a shocking turn of events, a few days after her 15th birthday her mother, Madam Cassiopeia DeConnett, kidnaps Twyla. The thrill ride starts, can Twyal come up with a plan to set themselves free together? Can she have faith in herself to take a chance on love? Will ‘love’ eventually save her or lead to her destruction? Grab a copy of Escaping the Dashia to know what happens next!

Escaping the Dashia is more than just a sci-fi book, it has incredible life lessons to teach it’s younger audience. I was impressed by the heartfelt teachings Rebecca Inch-Partridge included in her novel. It’s refreshing to see some of these lessons in such a thrilling read. Here are a few lessons that we learned from Escaping the Dashia without giving off spoilers:

Sense of Family Despite Not Being Biologically Related

Escaping The Dashia emphasizes that family is more than just biology. It’s about our bonds and connections with people who matter to us. Despite not being biologically related, having a sense of family can be incredibly meaningful and fulfilling. These relationships are built on trust, love, and respect- essential values in any healthy familial relationship. 

The Ones Related to You Can Be Your Biggest Enemy

Related to the first one, sometimes, our biological families may be unable to provide us with the support or love we need. In these instances, creating a chosen family can fill that void. Whether it’s friends, mentors, or even coworkers, having people around us who care for us unconditionally can help us feel supported and loved. It can be a conflicted feeling when those biologically related to us become the people, we despise the most. It might be a difficult thing to handle for most of us.

Friendship Can Happen Even at The Most Unexpected Times

Friendships are an essential part of human life. They offer companionship, support, and understanding during difficult times. Although friendships can form through many means, the unexpected ones often hold a special place in our hearts. These types of friendships are usually included through chance encounters or being in the right place at the right time. This is one of the significant lessons from Escaping the Dashia; the bond between Twyla and her new-found friendship with Dovain is wholesome. It’s a testament that even in the worst moments, you can still find a friend who can support you.

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