The Benefits of Transferring To University

Did you know that students who complete a bachelor’s degree after receiving an associate’s degree have higher incomes than those who did not transfer? People with their bachelor’s degrees make nearly double the amount of those who only receive their associate’s, which goes to show how many opportunities there are for continuing your education.

Many students look to gain their associate’s degree first due to the lower cost. There are significant cost reductions when students attend a community college first before they go on to complete their bachelor’s degree. While there are many benefits to attaining a bachelor’s degree in this way, there are many obstacles students have to face. 

One of the biggest obstacles is simply settling into university life after attending community college. Transfer students are less likely to interact with university faculty or participate in co-curricular activities. To solve this, transfer advising can be offered to students looking to pursue their bachelor’s degrees at a university to prepare them for this transition and build their confidence in the transfer process.
There are many benefits in community college students transferring to a university to gain their bachelor’s degrees. It is critical to offer the proper resources to make the transfer process as easy as possible for students looking to continue their education. Learn more about the benefits of connecting the transfer path in the infographic below:

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative