Live Streaming Funerals_ Adapting Traditions for Modern Times

Live streaming funerals is becoming an increasingly popular option for families planning memorial services. While saying goodbye to a loved one is always difficult, live streaming provides several benefits that improve the experience for those grieving a loss.

In this article, we’ll explain what live streaming a funeral entails, how it works, and the advantages it offers families during an emotional time.

Live streaming removes geographical limitations so anyone can “attend” the funeral from wherever they are located. All that’s required is an internet connection and link to view the stream.

Key Benefits for Grieving Families

Here are some of the top reasons live streaming can be meaningful for those planning funeral services:

Inclusion of Loved Ones

Elderly relatives, friends who’ve moved away, or anyone else unable to travel can now participate in the service when it’s live streamed. This provides comfort and helps them find closure without physically being there.

Flexible Viewing for Local Guests  

Even local guests may prefer the convenience of viewing from their home. Live streaming relieves scheduling conflicts and makes the service easily accessible for all who want to participate.

Expanded Capacity for More Guests

Venue size is no longer a restriction if some people join virtually. This allows more loved ones to take part in memorializing the deceased together.

Lasting Video Archive 

The recorded live stream creates a cherished keepsake of the funeral service. Families can rewatch and share it for continued comfort in the days and years ahead.

How Families Can Live Stream a Funeral:

Here is a simple step-by-step overview for families looking to live stream a funeral:

1. Select a live streaming app or service and create an account. EventLive is an app designed specifically for live streaming funerals and other private events.

2. Set up the event with the funeral details using the app. 

3. Customize the viewing page with photos, videos, donation links, and anything else appropriate. 

4. Share the live stream link with invitees through the funeral website, social media, email, etc.

5. At the time of the service, open the app and press “Go Live” to start the broadcast. 

6. Attendees can watch on any device from wherever they are.

7. The video will be recorded for replay after the stream ends.

Tips for Smooth Streaming:

Follow these tips when planning a live streamed funeral:

– Test the live stream at the location in advance to verify a good connection.

– Use a tripod and external mic for best quality video and audio.

– Have a backup internet source in case the WiFi is unstable. 

– Share the link at least 24 hours in advance so guests can plan to tune in. 

– Record greetings, stories, or eulogies to add a more personal touch.

Live streaming provides inclusive options for grieving families to customize memorial services in meaningful ways. With the convenience of streaming, saying goodbye doesn’t have to be limited by travel restrictions or venue limitations. More loved ones can unite in honoring a life well lived.