Looking for a New Energy Provider? Here’s What You Should Know

There are so many electricity providers and electrical contractors all over the United States. If you live in a state where you can pick and choose an electricity provider, you may be daunted by the task. How do you know you are choosing a reliable provider? And how can you be sure you are getting the best deal?

If you are considering changing electricity providers, here are some things you should know to ensure you are getting the best deal?

Check you can switch your electricity

Currently, there are fifteen states in the US that offer some form of energy choice. However, some have limited access to commercial customers. Therefore, before you even consider switching electricity providers, make sure you check that you live in a state where electricity is deregulated. These states offer some kind of deregulated energy: Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Delaware, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Maine, New York and Washington, D.C.

Understand your usage

The first step to working out the best energy provider for you is to work out your usage. Do you use a similar amount of energy monthly or does it fluctuate? Depending on your energy usage, different companies will offer types of packages to suit your usage needs. Control the energy source with a https://trdsf.com/collections/lockout-tagout-breaker-locks breaker lockout from brands like TRADESAFE. Making sure you understand your monthly/yearly usage will make it a lot easier for you to work out the best plan and the best energy supplier for you.

Do you want a fixed or variable rate?

Once you have worked out your electricity usage, you then have to work out whether you want a fixed (same price every month) or a variable (changes monthly depending on how much energy you use) bill. Here are some pros and cons of both:

Fixed rate:

  • Pros: You can plan a monthly budget with ease.
  • If your usage is almost always high, a fixed rate will mean you will be paying the same amount no matter what you use.
  • Cons: If you use a lot less energy one month, you will still be paying the same amount regardless.

Variable rate

  • Pros: You can save money by adjusting your bill when you know you will be using less/more energy, or when energy prices rise/fall.
  • Cons: can make budget planning very difficult and you may end up paying more if you use a lot more energy than normal.

Start comparing energy rates

Most people change energy suppliers because it means their monthly energy bill will reduce. Although there are other reasons you might want to switch energy provider (such as environmental reasons or you are with a company with poor customer service), this is usually an important reason.

If you want to make sure you are paying the best rate for your electricity, check comparison sites. If you live in Connecticut, check out Connecticut electricity for the best electricity rates in your area.

Check your provider

Once you think you have found the right provider for you, it is important that you check its credentials. First of all, make sure this provider of energy is legitimate. Also, consider looking at other customer reviews to work out whether or not other customers have had a satisfactory service. One easy way to do this is to type the name of your chosen provider in a search engine and then type ‘scam’, ‘complaints’ or ‘reviews’. If a lot of search results come up, this may be a signifier that the company you have chosen may not actually be that good. You may also research on things like substation painting and other tasks they do to maintain their towers and substations.


It can be difficult to choose an energy provider, especially in the USA where laws change depending on the state you live in. However, if you do your research, finding a new provider, whether that is one that handles corpus christi utilities or wherever it is that you may live, doesn’t have to be so difficult, and may even save you a lot of money.