A Complete Guide on How to Change a Fluorescent Light Bulb

Recently, many people lost their power for hours, even days, due to a powerful wind storm. This led many people to wonder what it was like living back in the day before electricity existed.

It seems crazy to imagine people living without appliances, air conditioning, and light! Fortunately, most of us no longer have to spend hours collecting firewood or use kerosene lamps.

To keep the light on, all we have to do is know how to change a fluorescent light bulb. Keep reading for a step by step guide to safely changing your light fixtures. However, complex lighting installation jobs are better left to the capable hands of residential electrical services contractors.

Why Go Fluorescent?

Unless you’re changing a light bulb, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about them. When we go to the store, we often just go for the cheapest bulbs because, hey, they’re all just about the same, right?

Well, that just isn’t true. In fact, fluorescent light bulbs last up to ten times longer than traditional, incandescent light bulbs.

Plus, they produce the same amount of light as the energy of incandescent bulbs using just one-third of the energy.

How to Change a Fluorescent Light Bulb

How many people does it take to change a fluorescent light bulb? Well, one person should be able to handle it most of the time.

However, a second person could be helpful in certain cases. If nothing else, they can hold the ladder steady and/or provide emotional support.

What You Will Need

Fluorescent light bulbs last a very long time but not forever. Also, a problem with the fixture itself or the electrical problem might be to blame.

Regardless of the problem, is it a good idea to have a few spare parts on deck.

You will need a replacement bulb, screwdriver, bulb socket, and possibly a wire stripper.

Safety First

Before attempting to change a light bulb’s socket or the bulb itself, take a few steps to ensure your safety.

Use proper ladder safety whenever necessary. Be sure to unplug the fixture before manipulating any of its parts.

Pulling the Bulb

The problematic bulb should be easy to spot. It is usually discolored at one or both ends. Even though it doesn’t usually get as hot as an incandescent light bulb, be careful when handling.

Using both hands, simply twist the bulb 90 degrees and remove it from the socket.

Changing the Socket

If the socket is to be changed, you have to remove the end cover first. This is where the screwdriver comes in.

Simply remove the cover to expose the broken socket. Replace it with the new one and carefully insert the wiring into the terminal.

Light Bulb Disposal

Believe it or not, fluorescent light bulb disposal is the trickiest part. It isn’t safe to simply throw it in the trash so what should do with it?

A Bulb Eater makes this process a breeze. It’s the safest and easiest solution for your business.

Putting Light on the Subject

Residential indoor lights are really important even we don’t think about them much. Learning how to change a fluorescent light bulb is going to come in handy sooner or later.

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