5 Major Makeup Mistakes that Cause Breakouts

makeup mistakes that cause breakouts

We’ve all made a few makeup mistakes in our time—usually when we first start out figuring out what tones and products suit us best. It is inevitable for young women, however, with the right supervision from an expert or click here, it can be prevented. But did you know it could be a makeup malfunction that’s causing your breakouts? Spots are caused by a combination of bacteria and inflammation, and without the right makeup know-how, you could inadvertently be making that worse. If acne breakouts left some scars on your face, microneedling and other Acne Treatments in Dedham, MA may be able to help treat them and make them less visible. If you want to learn more about skin care, you may consider taking skin care expert training classes.

Whether you struggle with acne or just the occasional blemish, cleaning up your makeup act could be the key to a clearer face. Here are 5 makeup mistakes that crop up time and again, and how to avoid them.

Makeup Mistake #1 – Using Expired Makeup

Makeup doesn’t last forever, and the longer it gets past its shelf life, the more chance it can irritate your skin. Think about purchasing new eyeshadow or eyeliner at least once a year, and mascara should, ideally, get replaced every three months. As you continue using makeup year after year, bacteria build up in the container and that gets transferred to your face – leading to blemishes and breakouts. I recently read the lids by design reviews and I’m impressed. Get it now to perfect your eye makeup.

Makeup Mistake #2 – Skipping Your SPF

Sunscreen and spots don’t always go together, as oily or thick products can lead to further breakouts. But if you skip SPF completely, you put your skin at risk of damage. Sun damage can even make blemishes worse by increasing the inflammation around the affected area. Look out for makeup and light moisturizers that carry an SPF rating without clogging your skin.

Makeup Mistake #3 – Wearing Makeup to the Gym

Getting active is great, but the combination of sweat and makeup is not a face-friendly cocktail. Partially melted makeup makes its way into your pores, leading to further breakouts or irritation. Avoid one of the most common makeup mistakes out there and clean off your makeup before you hit the gym or go for a run. Showering or simply cleaning your face after exercising can also help keep spots at bay. If you are suffering from a painful acne breakout, seek acne treatments offered by https://ciaobellaaesthetics.co.uk/.

Makeup Mistake #4 – Using Low-Quality Products

Cheap makeup bought at the drugstore might seem like a great bargain, but the price your face may pay can be high. Make sure you’re using makeup from a high-quality brand that users trust, like the Seint makeup essentials collection. Carefully crafted, higher quality makeup is much more likely to be kind to your face, making it a worthwhile investment, this is why using products from www.kryzuy.com/best-snail-creams/ is a great idea.

Makeup Mistake #5 – Not Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Just like real hair, the hair on the end of your makeup brushes needs cleaning regularly to get rid of bacteria, dust, and other particles that can play havoc with your face. It’s one of those makeup mistakes that we’ve all been guilty of at some stage, but it’s an easy one to fix. Wash makeup brushes in gentle soap and water once a week. Another top tip is not to throw them in the bottom of your handbag when you go out, as they will pick up the bacteria from everything in there and transfer it onto your face – not great for breakouts! Keep your makeup accessories in their own dedicated bag to help keep them clean and safe.

Have you ever committed any of these makeup mistakes? Hopefully you now know how to tweak your makeup routine to avoid these common makeup errors, and you can enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and clearer complexion.