Mental Health Month is May 2018 – Break the Stigma with These New Books

In 2018 the National Alliance on Mental Illness is promoting the CureStigma campaign to help the one in five Americans affected by mental health conditions. Bring awareness and knowledge to the stigma by learning and reading more about mental illness. Here is a list of new books about mental health to raise awareness.

Next Therapist Please

Meet Janie in Next Therapist Please as she raises a special needs child, consumes multiple glasses of margaritas, and consults six therapists in an attempt to live a rewarding life. Janie’s journey is complicated, as she is blessed with anxiety, depression, and the annoying but amusing OCD. The book, by Laurie Finkelstein, is inspired by her own experiences. It is a witty and humorous novel on mental illness. Discover this book on Amazon.

Path of Lucas

Lucas is a hardworking husband and father. When his beloved wife is diagnosed with psychotic depression, the entire family is in turmoil. With few options, the doctors recommend putting her in a mental hospital, but Lucas refuses. He is unwilling and unable to give up on his wife. Lucas fights to keep his family together and bring his wife back to him by any means necessary. The book is written by Lucas’ daughter, Susanne Bellefeuille. Read more on the author’s website.

Beyond ADHD

Beyond ADHD is written for parents, friends, families and citizens concerned with the current state of ADHD treatment, as well as healthcare and mental health professionals, educators, employers and others who are looking for greater and more sustainable solutions than the currently accepted protocol of long-term prescription therapy. It is also written with the near future in mind, imploring readers to stand up and build new bridges and ways of connecting with each other and developing our greater individual and group purpose. Find out more on co-author Robert Yehling’s website.