Mindful Health Solutions Highlights Innovative Mental Care With Rebranding.

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Formerly known as TMS Health Solutions, a new rebranding effort was launched by founder Dr. Richard Bermudes to better serve the clients under his care. Settling on the name Mindful Health Solutions, Dr. Richard Bermudes and his staff have pushed forward with their innovative Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy.

Rebranding Efforts: Mindful Health Opens Newport Beach Branch

Originally founded under the mantle of TMS Health Solutions, Dr. Richard Bermudes and his team would agree to re-launch under a new umbrella to better serve their clients. The results of this rebranding and re-launching effort would culminate in a name change to Mindful Health Solutions, as well as several announcements regarding expanding care, new locations, and other integrated psychiatric services.

Already an established leader in the world of transcranial magnetic stimulation, Dr. Richard Bermudes wanted to re-engineer his company to better market the broad array of innovative services that they can now cater to. In the press release announcing their new expanding and re-branding efforts, Dr. Bermudes was quick to underscore these changes. Dr. Bermudes would go on to state, “As part of our growth, we felt it was appropriate to re-brand our company.”  The company’s founder would go on to say, “Mindful encompasses our overall care and patient-first consideration.”

As with any re-branding efforts, Mindful Health Solutions was quick to underline and emphasize some of the new changes coming to their platform. Alongside a new website URL, logo, and company motto, Mindful Health Solutions was proud to introduce a few new services of particular interest in today’s post-COVID landscape.

Here are a few key additions to the Mindful Health Solutions platform that new clients and old customers alike will want to take stock of.

  • Esketamine Nasal Spray — A non-invasive way to address treatment-resistant depression (TRD), Esketamine is a nasal spray that purportedly reduces both suicidal ideations as well as depressive symptoms. This is the first-ever FDA-approved psychedelic medicine. Medication is self-administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional in an office setting, no anesthesia required. 
  • Telepsychiatry Services — Expanding telepsychiatry access in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic makes plenty of sense. As healthcare providers work to better provide for their clients remotely, Mindful Health Solutions has expanded its efforts to do likewise.
  • New Patient Video Appointments — New patients can register for a video appointment from the comfort of home due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Insurance is accepted at Mindful Health Solutions and many major health plans are opting to waive copay fees due to the crisis.

Underlining the innovative factor of their work, Dr. Bermudes and the team at Mindful Health Solutions are more equipped than ever to better serve their growing clients, thanks to new offices opening throughout California. One of the newest locations for a psychiatrist near me is the Newport Beach location opened at 4100 Newport Place Dr., Suite #730. Four psychiatrists will hold down the office with a nurse practitioner on hand for assistance. 

Inside the Innovative Process of TMS Therapy

Initially cleared by the FDA in 2008, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has been held aloft as a noninvasive brain stimulation therapy that utilizes electromagnetic induction via a magnetic coil, typically in the form of a handheld wand. Known as a safe and effective Adult Mental Health Treatment, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is both non-invasive and ideal due to its minimal side effects.

Is TMS the Right Therapeutic Solution For Me?

Signing up for TMS Therapy is safe and easy as well as an effective way to address treatment-resistant depression. TMS therapy is ideal for patients who continue to struggle with and suffer from treatment-resistant depression. Often used in conjunction with talk therapy and prescription medication, patients can tailor their sessions for the results that they are looking for.

So How Does TMS Therapy Actually Work?

TMS Therapy works through a powerful electromagnet that is pointed toward the area of our brain most related to mood regulation. Magnetic pulses are delivered to this area to stimulate nerves while depolarizing superficial cortical neurons, providing relief along the way. 

When Does TMS Therapy Become Effective?

Dealing with depression can feel difficult, to say the least, so how long does it take for TMS therapy by Mindful Health Solutions to work? Each session lasts between 30 minutes to an hour with up to five sessions per week. Patients will undergo TMS therapy for anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks, with individuals reporting results at some point in that time frame.

To learn more about the innovative world of Transcranial Magnetic Therapy, reach out to the offices at Mindful Health Solutions at your earliest convenience. A safe and effective treatment for clinical depression, TMS therapy is covered by major insurance providers.