Four Steps to Print Text from Your iPhone


Text messaging has been part of our lives since cell phones became popularized back in the 90s. With smartphones, text messaging is more used than ever, thanks to the internet and countless apps. You may use it for work, study, dating and even as court evidence. So if it gets damaged, you may bring your device to an iphone repair store to have it fixed and recover the important files you need. We checked out and it provided us with a lot of tech tips and great apps, but in this article, you’ll read about how to print text messages from iPhone.

Different Ways, Same Purpose 

There are a few different ways of printing messages from your iPhone. Some are more laborious than others: from programs that can copy and backup all your SMS, to printing screens and sending copies via email. Here are some options for you:

  • Using software for batch copies 

If you need to copy SMS en masse, use a computer and software and a USB cable. EaseUs MobiMover, TouchCopy, AnyTrans and iMazing are some of the most popular choices for the task. 

There’s also a program called MonLivreSMS, which allows you to turn your text messages into eBooks or even paper books. All those options will enable you to choose which messages you want to keep, and save them in PDF. Save this iPhone back glass repair contact in case your device gets damaged.

  • Via email

Another option is copying your messages and sending them via email. This option doesn’t require the installation of any specific software and can be done manually. 

The major downside to this is that it can be time-consuming if you need to print a lot of messages. Plus, this method doesn’t copy date/time information. If you want to save directions or explanations, or details of meetings, it’s a straightforward option. 

  • Screenshots

Taking screenshots is one of the easiest ways to store your messages. You can send them via email and print them from your computer. It won’t be in text format, but image files, such as jpeg or similar. You can save it in your gallery and share it as a standard image file from your phone. 

  • Contacting your provider

You can contact your service provider and request your text messages or you can see your AirDrop history. Although, notice that not all companies store your messages’ content, but only contacts, date and time. Typically, you must file a form and explain why you need your messages*. 

How to Print Your Messages Using a Software and a Computer

Using an app and a computer is the easiest way to do the job. Printing and downloading procedures may change slightly, depending on the app or computer you’re using. iPhone-to-MacBook has more connectivity options than iPhone-to-Windows, for instance. In case your Macbook is not connecting properly, you might be able to get some help at icertifiedgeek.

You can always backup your messages with iTunes.You can find those backup files on your computer, but you can’t access or manage them without using  a third-party option. That’s why you’ll need to install specialized software on your computer: to work as an interface between both devices. We mentioned a few examples above..

All our recommended software requires you to:

  1. Install the software
  2. Make a backup of your phone on your computer
  3. Choose which messages you want to print
  4. Save messages as PDF or eBook on your computer, or share them via email

Conclusion – What’s the Best Way of Printing your Messages?

If you need to print a lot of messages, transferring them to your computer via software is the best option. You’ll need special software for the job since you can’t manage iTunes backup files without third-party software. If you are wondering, ‘how to set up mspy on iphone?’, you can easily find this out by visiting

If you need to print only a few of them, screenshots and manual copies might suffice. The best way of getting an official transcript of your text messages is to contact your service provider, although it can be a lengthy process.