Modern Bar Designs Ideas for Small Spaces

There are many identical and inexpressive venues. However, only a bar with the character can be successful and attract standing customers. Owners should think about all details to create a cozy atmosphere in a small space. Even a draft beer tower, faucets, images on walls, and chairs must be stylish and united by the general idea.

Main Principles to Design a Bar

On the Internet, there are many recommendations on how to make a bar. There are 3 key factors to count.

1. Conception. The owner should understand the whole brainchild of the bar basing on the space size, location, marketing strategy, and so on.

2. Style. It must be based on the conception. It should be one theme for interior and exterior connected with the unique name of the bar. If the bar is modern, there should not be hunt-theme details.

3. Materials. When you have the conception and style, it will be logical to choose the materials fitting both. Wood is better for an old-fashion bar, and glass with metal and bricks are for modern and hi-tech designs. Ceramic and plastic also can be used, but you should be attentive to the number of such details to prevent making an insipid space.

If the owner is not a designer, architect, and specialist in marketing, but he or she has some ideas, it is better to ask for professional help.

Necessary Elements of the Modern Bar

Beer bars traditionally have small territory and few elements. Owners of modern bars should try to make as much free space as possible.

The main and accent detail is a bar counter with different faucets, tap handles, draft beer towers, glasses, and so on. It must be made of high-quality material and be impervious to wear and tear.

Tables and barstools are necessary too. Wooden or metallic, they should be durable and comfortable at the same time. If it is possible, the owner can put some sofas for big companies’ rest.

As for the walls, it is better to use diluted tones (grey, brown, black) and accents with deep noble colors (green, bronze, claret). It will be good to hang something thematic: canvas, photos, flags, or something other related to the chosen style. The owner can also hire tv mounting service to install a TV if it is a modern sports bar, for example.

One of the essential parts of a comfortable bar is illumination. It is better to use subdued light (pin-up or dangling lamps) to create a private atmosphere. Spotlights over the tables and colored backlight on the bar counter are desirable.

The façade design is important too. A signboard over or near the entrance must be stylish and creative in accordance with the whole conception.

Finally, do not forget about the set of bar tools. Every item, from shaker and glasses to bar spoons, should fit the bar idea.

Creating the modern bar is a hard task. The owner should remember that he or she is making the space where guests should feel easiness, volubility, and hilarity. The atmosphere is the most important element of a good bar.