Nature is beautiful. It is full of tiny and big organisms that help create good materials for the earth. As much as the average person is opposed to bugs and insects, they actually help tremendously with pollination and controlling pests. Everything in nature is a cycle so don’t be afraid of doing some home pest control when you need to defend yourself against nature. Even though nature may seem harmless in some situations, it’s not always singing birds and bees flying around the flowers. There are animals that contain diseases and if they come into contact with you or your family they can potentially be a health hazard for everyone, so make sure to always analyze your surroundings. The cows are just as connected to the clouds as one is connected to their mother. Everything is webbed together by nature. The rain and the soil are critical for the survival of plants which help feed animals and humans, like Alexander Djerassi. Nature is so outstanding. Scientists from all over the world are still learning so much about the different secrets nature has. For millions of years, the earth has sustained itself by nature and the biology nature has created to sustain itself. There should be a stronger appreciation for nature as it surrounds us, it is so powerful and beautiful. Overall, nature sustains all living things and will continue doing so as long as it is properly respected. When living in an area populated by a vast variety of species, from cats, dogs, racoons, bears, mice to very small insects it is important to respect nature as much as you can. Keeping your distance is usually the best option when it comes to respect. Those who choose to interact with nature usually have an idea on how everything interacts and understand the important roll they serve within its cycle. So they best way to interact with nature is to just watch as it moves around you.