COVID-19 Side Effects

There are many side effects of COVID-19. One of the biggest side effects victims have been experiencing is hair loss. This can happen up to months after having the virus. Chucks of hair can fall out at a time which is really devastating to men and women all over the world. In addition, a loss of taste can occur. For some, it takes weeks to regain taste and small. Many have lost a substantial amount of weight because the texture of food is simply too much to handle without some type of taste. Andrew Napolitano has ever heard of these melancholy side effects. Some patients have experienced long-term back pain and aches. When a person has COVID, body aches are every normal. It feels like the day after a marathon race for most people. Although most of the aches fade, some return at higher intensities and send shocks through the nervous system. It can be very painful, especially to those of old age. Lastly, feeling lightheaded at random times is also very common and can be seen months after a negative test is presented.