Online Prescription Refills Are Here

Are you tired of waiting on hold with your doctor’s office or pharmacy to get your needed prescription refill? Getting a refill on an active prescription should be quick and easy.

Considering the impact of COVID-19, online prescription refills are an absolute Godsend! About 81% of Americans 35-44 years old have used video visits to talk to a healthcare provider. Some are taking advantage of HIPAA texting to quickly and easily communicate with their doctors from home. After following their doctor’s consultation, they get their prescriptions delivered by services like a medical courier. Pharmacists who are looking to upgrade their medical record management system and use data analytics to accommodate more clients and patients may go to this site.

90% of 55-64 year-olds are also utilizing this service. Similar to making online calls to a doctor, online refills offer the benefit of convenience as you get this service via your smartphone or any digital device.

There are emerging online health platforms that can help you access telemedicine and online prescription refills

How to Access Online Prescription Refills

First and foremost, you will need an active prescription provided by a trusted doctor. With your prescription, there are a few services you can use to get a refill online. Choose the platform that makes the process simplest for you. Make sure it offers HIPAA Compliant Texting so you can chat with the provider if necessary.

  1. Directly through your Pharmacy

Pharmacy chains including CVS and Walgreens provide online prescription refill services. You might be able to refill your prescription on their website without needing to call or visit your doctor. You may have to visit the pharmacy in-person or a compounding pharmacy near you, if you’re in need of a consultation and medication.

  1. Directly through your Hospital

Many hospitals and healthcare centers are beginning to open up online prescription refills to their patients. They also want to save you time and hassle. Facilities including Prairie Lake Healthcare Systems in South Dakota and UC San Diego Health offer this option. Some of them utilize established refill platforms like the ones mentioned below.

  1. Through your Insurance Provider

Some insurance providers are designing web pages where clients can complete prescription refills, stress-free. Intermountain Healthcare, Cigna and BlueCross BlueShield all offer online pharmacy options.

  1. GoodRx

GoodRx offers lots of benefits. It allows patients to compare prescription prices, get personalized virtual consults, and access online prescription refills. 

  1. MDAnywhere

MDAnywhere offers one, two, or three prescription refills at a time. They also offer a monthly membership for affordable prescription refills.

  1. CallonDoc

CallonDoc provides you with refills for medications that have been filled by your pharmacy within the past 12 months. If you need a new prescription, you can visit with one of CallonDoc’s online doctors. This service will send your prescription to your local pharmacy or online pharmacy for home delivery.

  1. JOY MD

JOY MD partners with various online pharmacies to get people affordable common prescriptions through local providers as well as platforms. Transparent results, JOY MD puts the patient experience first.

Advantages of Online Prescription Refills

The list of advantages of online prescriptions is growing. Here are just a few of the benefits of refilling your prescription online:

  • Skip the Hassle: Anything done online just seems easier. You can reorder your prescription with the click of a button. You can avoid calling into your doctor and waiting hours or days to hear back.
  • Get Prescriptions Quick: Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait on that call from your doctor’s office or pharmacy. You might realize you need a prescription refill just a day or two before you run out of essential medication, or you are leaving out-of-town.  Good news — some online refill services can get your prescriptions to you within hours. 
  • Enjoy Delivery: Delivery is another upside of refilling your prescription online. Many refill platforms will bring your prescription right to your door, so you don’t even have to go through your pharmacy drive-thru to get it. A pharmacist can transfer your prescription from your doctor or current pharmacy. Like Blink Health Pharmacy, they can offer a fast, free delivery.
  • Get Organized: If you’re taking more than one prescription, or manage the prescriptions of all of your family members, things can get confusing. You may find yourself running low or running out of medications way too often, or getting confused on who gets what when. Online prescription services like the ones offered by Pharm-Aid Pharmacy make sure to your organize medications for easy use, and can deliver many of them on a regular schedule so you never have that feeling of panic again.

How to Get a Prescription Online

Don’t have an active prescription yet? Getting a diagnosis and prescription is becoming less stressful as well. You can now set up a virtual appointment with an e-doctor to find out what treatment will work best for your individual needs. You can even use HIPAA compliant texting to talk to a doctor about your prescriptions.

Most teledocs have the ability to meet with you, diagnose you, and write out a prescription on the spot. You can avoid that drive to the doctor’s office and waiting in the line, especially during times like these, when we are all doing our best to avoid sickness.

In conclusion, you can eliminate the confusion, stress, and annoyance of ordering refills by utilizing online prescription refill services.