Power Springs and Spring Rings

When most people think of springs, they think of large, clearly visible coils. In fact, these are only one example of the form a spring might take. You might not recognize two of the most common springs you encounter on a daily basis at all. You use spring rings and power rings in everything from office equipment to jewelry. When you need to manufacture or repair something that requires one of these springs, it is important to make sure that you use high quality steel materials for durability and ease of maintenance.

What are Power Springs?

Power springs, also known as clock springs, don’t come in the traditional coils that people imagine but still function as springs by providing essential torque and tension in machinery. Custom Spring Corporation power springs are made of the finest steel, enabling them to last longer than most alternatives. These steel springs generate torque based on the number of times they are turned, then release that torque over a set period of time. This makes them essential in clocks which need to be wound up, although one can also find them in various kinds of machinery and in common household items.

What are Spring Rings?

Spring rings can most commonly be found in jewelry that comes with a clasp (need more information? click here). The tension provided by a spring ring enables the wearer of the jewelry to slide open the claps when trying something on, only for the claps to then close once that tension is released. This creates a tight lock around the chain or another item of jewelry that keeps it from slipping off, thus ensuring that the expensive item remains secure at all times. Although they are most closely associated with jewelry, you can also find spring rings in other items that require a clasp or closure, from toys to machinery to common household appliances. Those springs that utilize stainless steel in their design tend to have a longer lifespan than others.

Similarities Between Power Springs and Spring Rings

At first blush, power springs and spring rings seem to be completely different devices, with each covering an area exclusive to the other. However, there are a number of different similarities that tie the two together. Both are springs that do not fit the conventional image of a spring, leading many people to think of them as a different kind of tool altogether. Both require precision in their build, which means using high-quality steel in order to allow them to function hundreds or thousands of times before beginning to degrade. Both are also integral to the items they are used in – a clock with a worn down power spring can’t wind up, and a clasp without a functional spring ring won’t stay closed.

Because of the overall importance of quality in the design of these springs, you should look for a manufacturer with experience and a reputation for quality, even if you only need a new top. The Custom Spring Corporation fits both of these criteria and is capable of creating customized steel springs that fit your specific needs.