Preparing for Tomorrow’s Job Market With AI

The global job market is undergoing one of the most fundamental shifts it has witnessed since the Industrial Revolution. It is being caused by a technology that has gripped the imaginations of humans for many years: artificial intelligence, also known as AI. It has not been delivered in the form of terrifying robots or massive supercomputers, as previously envisioned. Rather, AI is usually more subtly found in the form of chat boxes and the automated processes that have been implemented into our business practices. Let’s explore AI in the job market below.

Regardless of its manifestation, AI will be hugely transformational in the subsequent rise or demise of many different jobs across every type of industry. The industries that are most likely to be affected include media, finance, and IT, but there will not be a corner of the business world that doesn’t place a higher preference on hiring workers with a strong understanding of AI technology. In fact, by 2025, there will be 97 million jobs that are created by the growing prominence of AI. Already, there has been a 450% surge in job posts connected to AI from 2022 to 2023. Job seekers must build abilities in machine learning, algorithm creation, and natural language processing if they want to prosper in this rapidly changing environment.

Where are the world's AI Jobs?