Repairing Home Damage from Unwanted Critters

If you’ve been hearing an animal hanging out in your attic, you won’t want animal control to be your last step. Checking for damage is also really important to ensure the critter didn’t chew any wires, block vents, or cause other damage. They also could have left droppings that could cause serious health problems for those in your home. Here’s what to do if you’ve had a critter invading your home.

If you have recently had an invasion, you should be aware that these parasites can leave behind much more than stress; in fact they can leave toxins and dirt that could be potentially harmful to health. In addition to this, the dirt and damage left behind could leave you vulnerable to more attacks at a later stage. 

Restoration Following Pests

The CDC have made it very clear on their website that a lot of critters and pests leave behind parasites, including bats, raccoons and more. You must professionally have all critters removed so that there is no lingering trace. Therefore, a thorough cleanup must take place of the entire area, in case there are any traces of contamination. A professional clean up will assist with:

  1. Removing toxins from the area that could lead to illness
  2. A foul smell or lingering odor that won’t shift, (possibly in the attic or garage spaces)
  3. Damage to any area of the property (damage to roofing, wooden beams, flooring). This can be fixed by a professional local roofing contractor.

If you fail to consider the above points, you could leave your family in danger, as well as helping to devalue your house. If you wish to sell up in the future, you will struggle to find a buyer. Inspectors don’t take things like this lightly, therefore it is imperative that you solve the issue immediately.

Damage Can Also be Dangerous 

If you have had a family of bats or raccoons or any other type of pest, make a nest in any area of your home, the damage left behind that is not sorted correctly, could also prove dangerous. Suppose the damage is in your garage and this is where your children play; you would not want something to endanger them or fall on top of them due to a lack of care on your part. Therefore, repair all damages immediately. 

They May Come Back

If there is any trace of what the critters left behind, it may encourage them to return. Therefore, block up any areas where they may be able to return, seal the damages and have them fixed so that they can’t return. 

With a step by step process, you can begin to live as normal once again. It is important to use a professional company that will be able to firstly seal up the area, usually with a type of writing or plywood as a deterrent before the major repair is undertaken. To close off the entire area is vital; then the repair can begin in a safe environment. Bats are particularly dangerous as they pose the threat of rabies. Therefore, using professional animal damage restoration will be the best option for you and your family.