Setting Up a Guest House Business in Australia: What you Need to Know

Some call it a guest house, others B & B, and if you live in an area where budget accommodation is in demand, you could make a killing by opening a guest house. There are certain rules and regulations regarding fire and general safety, and your premises would be inspected in order to obtain the relevant licenses and permits to run such a business. It’s important to ensure that the property is harmonious and free of pests. For squirrel removal services, you can count on the professionals from

Finding a Concept

It might be ‘clean and cheap’ or providing a cultural experience like no other guest house, but you do need to find something unique about your business, which will stand you apart from your rivals, and with a friendly ‘can do’ attitude, your staff should be easy going and very approachable. Ideally, you want young people working at your guest house, people who will easily identify with the young traveller and they will cultivate good relationships with the guests, which will form the basis of your client base.

Health & Hygiene

It is obviously essential that your business premises are clean and hygienic, and with an online search, you can find affordable general pest control in Brisbane, you have that covered. The specialist can inspect two or three times a year, looking for fleas, roaches, rats and mice, while making sure there are no other pests present. For emergency bed bug extermination, you can hire this bed bug NYC company. If the house is in Sydney, there’s plenty of specialists at pest control Sydney that can help you.

Digital Marketing

Social media is a very powerful platform for a guest house, so you should set up accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and with regular postings, you should build up quite a following. Budget travellers tend to stick together and when they find a nice place to stay, they tell their friends. Of course, you should have your own website, where people can make online bookings and your place should be professionally presented with quality images and video, to make it as attractive as possible.

Fire Precautions

Of course, any accommodation must have relevant fire exits, with extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke detectors installed. The local government would inspect your premises on an annual basis and it is your responsibility to check that all fire precautions are in place and in good working order.

Guest Reviews

You should encourage all of your guests to leave online comments, which can really make all the difference to a traveller, and as you are doing everything you can to make your guests’ stay enjoyable, you should have many glowing reviews. While it might take a couple of years to acquire a great reputation, once you have this, you should see a steady stream of new arrivals, thanks to the many positive reviews.

Like any other business, you really do need to spend the time it takes to create a comprehensive business plan, which, when complete, you can ask a few good friends to see if they can find any weaknesses in your plan. With a good business plan in place, you can start advertising and with a goal of making every guest’s stay a memorable one, your business will enjoy steady growth.