Sheth Sangreal Foundation Donates $1 Million to Discovery Museum for Sustainability Efforts

Brian Sheth and his wife Adria Sheth founded the Sheth Sangreal Foundation to provide charitable grants to environmental, education, and animal welfare organizations. The Discovery Museum in Acton, Massachusetts, is just one of seven community-oriented businesses that partner with the foundation to advance their causes.

The Sheth Sangreal Foundation announced on June 22, 2021, that it had donated $1 million to the Discovery Museum. The grant was part of the Challenge Grants program and coincided with the museum’s leadership’s announcement of a five-year sustainability plan. A major component of the sustainability plan is for the museum to convert to solar electricity by 2025.

Other Efforts Included in Discovery Museum’s Sustainability Plan

Besides its solar energy initiative, Discovery Museum will use the $1 million grant provided by Brian Sheth to expand its education and inclusion efforts. The goal of the expansion is to prepare the next generation of environmental stewards to take over in protection of the Earth and its natural resources. Specific initiatives that the museum plans to achieve with the grant money include:

  • Using on-site solar power to achieve carbon neutrality
  • Reducing the museum’s environmental footprint by 50 percent by using fewer disposable items and choosing to purchase supplies made from recycled materials
  • Reducing water usage
  • Improving energy efficiency throughout the campus
  • Providing education about these actions to a more diverse group of visitors for the purpose of building environmental literacy

Neil Gordon, the CEO of Discovery Museum, stated that each of these initiatives builds on the museum’s primary goal of inspiring life-long curiosity in children. When children feel engaged with the surrounding environment, they are more likely to take voluntary actions to care for the Earth’s natural resources. Although Gordon acknowledges that the museum’s efforts to reduce its impact on the environment are aggressive, he feels confident that employees have the resources to make it happen.

The Discovery Museum CEO had high praise for Brian Sheth, Adria Sheth, and the entire Sheth Sangreal Foundation. He stated that the $1 million donation underscores the deep commitment Brian and Adria have made to raising awareness of environmental issues and showing true leadership in moving towards environmental sustainability.

Bringing Science and Nature Education to Children Who Might Not Otherwise Access It

Children with disabilities, transportation issues, and language and cultural barriers are just three examples of whom the museum intends to make a greater effort to serve. Increasing the diversity of its customer base is a prime objective of the five-year sustainability plan. Discovery Museum will bring more low-cost and free opportunities to families and schools in an effort to achieve parity with local demographics.

On behalf of the Sheth Sangreal Foundation, Brian Sheth is matching a $200,000 grant provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund. The proceeds from this grant will go towards helping the museum prepare for a solar installation later this year. The foundation has also pledged an additional $800,000 in coordination with its multi-year grant challenge. The matching funds will go to Discovery Museum and the local museum community to support ongoing sustainability and education objectives.

Comments From Brian Sheth Regarding the $1 Million Grant to Discovery Museum

When presenting the museum with the monetary award on June 22, Brian Sheth stated that more businesses must commit to improving and protecting the planet’s health. He went on to say that he would also like to see businesses take a more active role in encouraging the next generation’s environmental stewardship.

Brian Sheth grew up in Acton, Massachusetts, where Discovery Museum sits today. He has admired the museum’s work and contributions to environmental activism in his hometown for many years. As the co-founder of an organization that offers significant funding for related causes, Brian Sheth is proud to be part of the museum’s effort to convert to solar energy.

Sheth went on to comment that he especially appreciates the museum’s dedication and diligent approach to environmental education for children. He feels that the new program made possible with the Sheth Sangreal Foundation’s grant will teach the younger generation to appreciate and enjoy the Earth. This is true regardless of the experience and educational background of the children who will participate in these programs.

In his closing comments, Brian Sheth encouraged other local businesses to look to Discovery Museum for inspiration and then commit to doing their part to increase environmental awareness. Sheth and his family now make their home in Austin, Texas. The purpose of their charitable foundation has always been to provide resources and funds to enable the planet’s most vulnerable populations to thrive.