Sniff Out the Facts: 6 Ways To Eliminate the Dog Smell From Your House

Owning a dog is rewarding — it provides cheerful companionship and its energetic nature encourages you to move around. Pet ownership lowers your blood pressure and reduces cardiovascular health risks too. Get in touch with a mini aussiedoodle puppy breeder if you’re planning to get a pet dog.

However, it isn’t always fun and games. You also have to do your research on matters like how often to take them to the vet and how to remove dog smell from house spaces and your pet’s favorite spots. As most clients would emphasized to check out online sites and look for services like because as you see for yourself for the satisfactory level if you get in touch with them.

Dogs that have anxiety or more timid personalities can benefit from training. It provides a sense of accomplishment and provides a way for us to communicate with our four-legged family members, click here to know more.

Here, we discuss the different possible reasons for pet odor and look into how to get rid of dog smell.

My Dog Stinks: What Are the Possible Reasons?

First things first — you have to ask the relevant questions. When you’re a dog owner, your curiosity reaches a whole different level so you can care for your pet properly. 

You’ll find yourself asking, “Can dogs eat peaches?” when they dig around in the fruit basket. You’ll look for ways to keep your dog as clean as possible regardless of how messy they are. You might even join support groups with other dog parents to discuss daily routines and discover how to get dog smell out of house.

Before you start researching how to remove dog smell from the house, however, you have to pinpoint the reason behind it. Here are possible causes of foul pet odor:

  • Plaque, tartar, gum disease, and other dental problems that cause bad breath
  • Frequent dog farts or flatulence caused by your dog’s diet and eating habits
  • Atopic dermatitis and food allergies that cause inflammation and infections
  • Canine ear infections that result from bacteria or yeast buildup
  • Impacted canine anal sacs and scooting behavior

Pull Quote: The first step to addressing that foul dog smell in your house is pinpointing its cause. Flatulence, dental issues, skin problems, ear infections, and impacted canine anal sacs are all potential reasons.

How Do I Stop My House From Smelling Like Dog?

Before anything else, let’s be clear — there’s no one-size-fits-all pet odor eliminator.

If you want to learn how to get dog smell out of the house naturally, the best way to find out what works for your household is to determine the cause and try a combination of methods. Here, we tackle 6 safe and proven ways to get rid of that distinct canine odor.

1. Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene

Dogs drool everywhere and get their slobber on everything — from kisses on the cheeks of their favorite humans to their designated chair or couch in the living room. It’s perfectly safe and normal except when you notice that they start to drool way more than they usually do. That’s when you visit the vet.

However, if your dog normally drools, their bad breath and saliva drops might be the source of the foul smell. In this case, you have to implement a strict dental hygiene routine that includes annual cleanings, regular brushing, and dental chews.

2. Bathe Your Dog Regularly and Dry It Properly

Be thorough whenever giving your dog a bath. It’s the quickest way to get rid of that distinct outdoor smell that you don’t want sticking to your clothes or furniture. Bathe them regularly, especially if you have an active dog that loves running around, sneaking into every nook and cranny, and exploring the yard.

Regular baths also help minimize skin infections that could lead to foul odors.

Apart from bathing your dog, you have to dry them completely after. Otherwise, the wet dog smell might permeate the air and seep into your furniture.  Also, keeping your dog’s ears clean and dry reduces unpleasant-smelling ear infections.

Pull Quote: Want to get rid of that wet dog smell? Dry your dog thoroughly after each bath. Otherwise, the odor might remain in the air and seep into your furniture.

3. Switch to a Healthier Dog Diet

The vet might be able to help you determine whether the main culprit of the stinky dog smell at home is their diet. In this case, consider switching to something healthier.

On a related note, food intolerance often leads to canine flatulence while food allergies might result in yeast infections and a stinky scent. Through testing and observation, the vet can determine which ingredient is causing the problem. From there, they might recommend a fish-based, high-protein, grain-free, or try another type of diet to address the issue.

If your dog still keeps passing gas or releasing foul odors despite dietary changes, it might be a sign of an underlying health issue.

4. Have Designated Areas Where Dogs Can Do Their Business

Sometimes, the problem is how to get rid of strong urine odor because pets poop and pee everywhere. So if you haven’t started yet, potty train your dog and teach it where it should be doing its business. Here are some tips:

  • Always take your dog outside in the morning as well as after eating and drinking.
  • While on a leash, take your dog to designated bathroom spots until it gets used to them.
  • Reward your dog with praise or treats every time it gets it right.
  • Maintain a strict and regular feeding schedule for your dog.
  • Pick up your dog’s water dish around two hours before bedtime to reduce the need to pee at night. However, remain mindful and respectful of its bathroom needs.

5. Clean Your House Regularly and Schedule Routine Deep Cleans

Is your dog housetrained and generally clean and healthy but you still have no idea how to get rid of dog pee smell and other foul canine-related odors? In this case, it might simply be because their natural scent is sticking to your furniture and floors.

It’s important to keep your house clean and tidy, regardless of how well-groomed and potty-trained your pet is. We also recommend regular deep cleaning sessions to erase all traces of nasty dog smell that might be clinging to your home.

6. Set up Air Purifiers Throughout Your House

Air purifiers help with atopy in dogs and human allergies to pet dander. More importantly, they help keep your indoor areas smelling fresh and clean.

Purifiers can easily absorb and trap pet odors and then circulate purified air that has minimal to no trace of that stinky dog smell. You might consider setting up air purifiers in every room around the house from the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. Alternatively, you can set up an odor remediation machine in the room that your dog frequently stays in.

Pull Quote: Eliminating the dog smell from your house isn’t all that hard once you know what’s causing it and you settle into a routine that effectively addresses it.

Key Takeaway

Is it hard to get dog smell out of house? Not necessarily. However, it could be if you don’t know what the source is or if you aren’t sure of the best approach to eliminate it.

Explore these tried-and-tested ways on how to remove dog smell from house and sniff out that foul odor once and for all!