Spice Up Your Content With Streaming Video

With 54% of consumers wanting to see more videos from businesses or brands they support, live streaming is quickly becoming a leading way to deliver content. Live streaming allows you to spice up your content by sharing the human side of your business with your customers, along with your unique sense of humor while still providing them with something of value. If you prefer on creating an Amazon Fire channel then visit the website for professional help.

Stage One: Before the Live Stream

Live streaming is a great way to deliver content but only if done correctly. Taking time to set up your live stream correctly and using the right tools for implementing it are essential factors in determining its overall success.

  1. Establish a Purpose
    Establishing a purpose for your live stream is a critical first step. Identify a specific purpose for your video, such as growing your audience, generating leads, or increasing sales. Based on the identified purpose, you will also want to create a strong CTA.
  2. Select a Suitable Format
    Having a clearly defined purpose allows you to easily select a format such as product or service reveal, Q & A, interviews, or behind the scenes that will bring in the right type of audience while achieving your overall goal.
  3. Choose the Right Platform
    Selecting the right live streaming platform will directly affect your results. With so many platforms available, it can be an overwhelming task if you don’t schedule the time to explore the options available and identify which features you require and which ones you don’t.
  4. Promote Your Broadcast
    Most platforms have established ways to promote your event; however, getting creative can also help boost your audience. Creating a hashtag, adding a homepage banner to your website, and including information about the upcoming live stream in a newsletter are all innovative ways to increase viewership.

Stage Two: During the Live Stream

Image via Flickr by Silverisdead

Live streaming isn’t the same as produced videos, so don’t be afraid of your audience seeing some of your human imperfections.

  1. Follow Your Plan, but Ditch the Script
    It’s good to have a script outline and to practice a few times before your first live stream, but being able to follow your audience will make your video stream more personal and enjoyable. Make sure you keep the focus on your main goal and delivering strong CTAs.
    Technical hiccups may happen, and when they do, simply acknowledge them light-heartedly and let your audience know you are working on correcting them for futures streams.
  2. Engage with Your Audience
    The primary purpose of a live streaming video is to engage with your audience. It is a viable replacement of the in-person contact, and your aim is to make the best use of it. Asking viewers to “sign in” with their name and location, personally welcoming them by name whenever possible, answering questions during a Q & A session, creating an online poll for viewers to participate in, and establishing hashtags followers can use are all great ways to engage.

Live stream videos are one of the most powerful ways to share unique content and reach your target audience. With experts anticipating videos making up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021, it’s a definite must-have for your marketing toolbox.