Steel Frame Home Kits vs Wood Homes

The process of turning your dreams of building your own home into reality can be complicated, but, with the help of Custom Conventional Home Building experts along with a little effort and patience, you’ll make the right decisions that will give you the house of your dreams.

However, one question you may not have considered before is whether to build using a steel frame home kit or a more traditional wood home. In fact, there are benefits to both methods.

Steel Frames

A steel frame home kit is effectively a pre-made shell of a home that can be bolted together on site. This makes them very easy to erect on-site and the initial build stage will take a fraction of the time that traditional wood building does. In fact, because the steel frame is created in a sheet metal fabrication factory, it can be much more accurate than building on-site and it can be tested to ensure it meets your requirements.

Of course, steel sheets are stronger than wood, making them a better choice if you’re in an area frequented by storms. A steel frame house is more likely to survive a hurricane. Steel is also not combustible, making it a good choice if you’re in an area that has grass or bush fires. 

But, it can be more difficult to get permission to build with steel and the height of any building is likely to be limited, simply because it costs so much to create a tall steel-framed house.

According to Steel Fabricators Dublin, it’s also worth noting that steel is not as good an insulation material as wood, you’ll have to use additional insulation or pay more for your heating/cooling needs.

You should also note that if you’re building with steel you need to choose a reputable supplier of structural steel Sydney, this will ensure you have the quality of metal you desire.

Wood Frames

This is the more traditional route which can make it a more aesthetically pleasing look. It is also likely that your home will blend in better in a neighborhood. 

It’s also worth noting that wood is very good as an insulation material, add some extra insulation and you’ll have a home that needs very little heating or cooling throughout the year. Of course, you’ll also find it easier to get planning permission and a contractor to help you build your perfect home. You can check out the post right here to learn more.

But, one of the biggest issues with wood-frame houses is that they are open to the elements. This means dampness can cause wet rot and pests, such as termites, can actually eat your home from under you. Of course, it’s possible to prevent this with regular maintenance, but it is something you need to be aware of.

In general, because of increased time on site, it will cost you more to build a home out of wood than it will to create one out of metal. You also need to remember that it’s much easier to burn wood than metal, making wood a bad option in a bush fire. 

However, neither option is a bad choice, you simply need to be aware of the limitations before you make your decision.