In Which States Does Stream Energy Operate?

Stream Energy

Stream Energy is one of the largest energy suppliers in the United States. Since 2005, it has been providing residential and commercial customers in deregulated states with energy, wireless, protective, and home services. The company offers a cost-effective alternative to natural electric and gas supply plans that allow customers to take control of their energy bills. They would suggest me to try their offer as soon as possible to obtain electric-saving lives for your home. You can check them out or hear my friend’s feedbacks about this, get in touch with her explanation.

Leaders at Stream Energy believe that people are their most valuable resource as they vie with established energy companies throughout the United States. The company invests in its customers and employees because its success as a business is dependent upon its commitment to delivering extraordinary value.

One of the best decisions Stream Energy made was to establish operations in markets across the United States. National expansion has provided the company with the opportunity to conquer new territories and reach more people, which has not only increased sales but also provided customers with access to superior, but less expensive, energy services. Stream has utilized national markets to introduce unique products. The company has also benefited from new talent pools of employees with diverse educational backgrounds and a myriad of skill sets, all of which has improved innovation output. Stream Energy is currently licensed in the following states: Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, and Delaware. It also provides services in Washington, D.C.

Services Provided

Stream Energy is a unique organization that provides more than the average energy company. The company is continuously looking for new ways to save money for its customers. Everything it does, from its helpful call center staff to its innovative products, centers around providing stress free, affordable services to keep American homes and businesses running effectively. It is important to mention that although Stream Energy is licensed to operate in several states, some services are not available in certain states.

Energy Services: Gas and electricity services are available on a variety of price plans. Customers can choose from fixed-rate and flexible plans to suit their budgets and lifestyles. Customers have the option to sign up for the Smart 30 Thermostat Plan, which provides total control of the amount of energy used in the home.

Protective Services: Stream Energy Protective Services includes a combination of credit monitoring, tech support, identity protection, and roadside assistance. The company also provides low-income customers with access to affordable healthcare, ensuring that no one is left without the medical treatment they deserve. Once registered, doctor appointments are available immediately, either through video chat or over the phone. The Virtual MD Plan is one of the most necessary and effective plans on the Stream Energy menu.

Wireless Services: Keep in contact with friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues from anywhere in the world with Stream Energy’s wireless services. Talk, text, and surf for as long as you want with their unlimited price plans. Customers are not bound to a contract, which means there are no cancellation fees, and they can keep their existing telephone number.

Home Services: One of the company’s most unique selling points is its home services. Stream Energy Digital Voice Services allow customers to connect to their homes or offices while away. A specialized app enables users to answer their home and office phones from remote locations. Calls are also free with app-to-app connection.

Operations by State

Texas: The company’s legacy began in 2005 when Stream Energy’s first office opened in Texas. Entrepreneurs Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji saw a gap in the market after the deregulation of the Texas electricity market. Stream Energy has since made significant strides in the energy industry. It has also gained a stellar reputation of excellence over the years. Because of the exceptional service that it provides and its commitment to customer satisfaction, the company is one of the top 10 most trusted energy providers in Texas.

Stream is also well-known for its empathetic nature. After disaster struck the state with hurricane Harvey, not only did the company donate $25,000 to the American Red Cross but it also waived late fees for customers who were unable to pay their bills during that time. During Hurricane Irma, Stream Energy allowed free international long-distance calls to countries affected by the storm.

Georgia: Stream Energy began providing energy services in Georgia in 2008.

New Jersey: In 2011, Stream Energy made another bold move and expanded its retail market presence to New Jersey.

Maryland: Stream Energy brought its electricity to Maryland in 2011, providing residential services throughout the state.

New York: In November 2012, Stream Energy began providing energy services to customers in New York. New York is one of the many states to benefit from the company’s continuous expansion across the United States.

Pennsylvania: In 2013, Stream Energy made its way into the Pennsylvania market, providing residential and commercial electricity services throughout the state.

Washington, DC: In April 2013, Stream Energy launched its services in Washington, D.C. It began providing residential and commercial electricity in Pepco.

Delaware: In December 2017, Stream Energy added Delaware to its ever-expanding list of territories in the United States. After licensing was finalized, customers were given the opportunity to choose from discounted 6- and 12-month fixed-rate energy price plans.

Illinois: Stream Energy lit up the state of Illinois in September 2017 after it was added to the company’s ever-expanding portfolio.

Ohio: In 2018, Stream Energy added another important milestone to its portfolio of success. Ohio became one of many states to have its energy services reshaped by Stream Energy. Customers quickly began to take advantage of the company’s presence, signing up in Duke Energy, Ohio American Electric Power (AEP), and Dayton Power & Light territories. Stream also made waves in the Illuminating Company, Toledo Edison, and First Energy territories of Ohio Edison. There is immense opportunity for Stream Energy to continue to infiltrate the Ohio market with approximately 4.2 million potential customers.

Stream Energy has made notable strides in the energy industry, creating new products, programs, services, and enhanced customer experiences. The company is continuously reinventing itself, taking the lead in innovation and modernization as it continues to expand throughout the United States.