Supplements In The News

It seems like everybody these days has or is looking for the secret to looking and feeling great, from television to Facebook, products, and services are promoted promising to defy age or improve eyesight, various “wonder” drugs and pills marketed as cure all’s. The mass of information that average consumers receive can be overwhelming so this article is designed to simplify the information available and provide readers with 3 readily available health-improving supplements. All of these have been tested through a Supplement Product Testing laboratory.

Vitamin C

Attainable by simply eating fruits and vegetables, and taking Spinach leaf extract, Vitamin C is an important supplement that when taken regularly acts as an antioxidant working to fight a variety of free radical damage caused by- stress, processed foods, and the environment (basically the modern world) these free radicals can cause cellular damage and lead to a weakened and unhealthy state. Available in the form of a supplement Vitamin C is important for the body to fight inflammation caused by free radicals and according to clinical trial information from Wuhan China (where COVID broke out) Vitamin C infusions were used as successful treatment against acute respiratory illness caused by Coronavirus.


Though shrouded in some mystery, taking zinc supplements has been shown to reduce the duration of the common cold and boost the body’s immunity to colds and sickness. It is also reported that Zinc- available in pill, capsule, and lozenge form- helps to improve brain function, help the treatment and healing of acne, and even to speed up the healing of wounds. Zinc can also be taken to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea and age-related chronic disease. If you need a natural prebiotic that can boost the immune system, then you may consider trying this natural respiratory health lollipop.


You may have seen Kratom news or signs offering the ability to “buy kratom for sale” at various markets, gas-stations, and or health stores but what is it? Kratom is a supplement that comes from a tree of the same name, the medicinal kratom available comes from the tree’s leaves, of which there are several types which act as different “strains” or different categories of Kratom based on the color of the kratom leaf’s vein. The most common kratom varieties include- red, white, gree, and yellow veined strains. Available in powder or the more common kratom capsules form, Kratom has been regarded to help individuals deal with mental illness- anxiety, and depression, physical pain- muscle aches, high blood pressure, and general pain among others. Kratom is also highly regarded for its ability to help those coming off of opiate addiction and the subsequent withdrawals.