Tactical Business Strategies

Tactical Business Strategies

Helen Lee Schifter is a former arbitrage trader on Wall Street and a former editor at Hearst and Condé Nast. She has written for many magazines and has a successful career in marketing. Schifter shares the tactical business strategies that she uses to run her own company. She is also a respected author on various topics, especially business and marketing. She explains her business strategies in an easy-to-understand way. She uses these daily tactics to help guide all of the employees in her company.

Top Tactical Business Strategies

1. Listen to your customers.

Helen believes that every business needs to have the customer in mind. If a company does not focus on its customers, its business will fail. Customers are what make businesses successful, not CEOs or managers. Helen says that you must hear and listen to your consumers because they will give you valuable information about the product or service that has been provided to them, which can be used in the future. When creating a product or coming up with a service, ask yourself how you can improve upon it. In addition, to better understand your customers, you might want to consider using this consumer intelligence platform that delivers real time insights from consumers through the full picture of your product reviews.

2. Be a leader that listens to their team.

Helen believes in empowering her employees by letting them help her grow the business. She believes that the more people you have helping you, your company will be more successful. Helen also stresses that it is essential for managers to listen to their team because they will be able to learn from them and gain new ways of improving the company. She says that for individuals to improve within a company and make it better, they need to work together.

3. Be open to new ideas.

Helen believes in having an open mind because she says that the more you know about your industry or community, the better off you will be. As CEO of her own company, she continues to learn new information about the industry she is in and uses it to guide her decisions and help make her business more successful. Helen Lee Schifter also believes in listening to feedback from customers and employees because it can be used positively to help improve a company’s product or services. She also uses informal networks of people within her industry to get ideas for what will benefit her company the most.

4. Use metrics to track your success.

Helen says that metrics are essential to running a successful business. She says metrics allow tracking customer behavior and other important information. She also says that performance metrics are crucial when managing teams because they show employees what is expected from them in the future.

5. Learn from the past and create a vision for the future.

Helen believes that you learn more from your mistakes than you do anything else. This way, your company can improve its current product or service and not make the same mistake twice.

She has also had a successful career as an arbitrage trader on Wall Street and then worked for several magazines. She continues to be successful in business and has the same tactics she used at her company to guide her decisions and make her company more successful. Overall, it shows that there is not one way to run a business; instead, there are many different ways one could run their business. One should always think outside the box when trying to plan a strategy for their own business and look at things from a different perspective.