Termites at Work: Could They Be Clocking in at Your Facility?

Termites look similar to ants and can even be mistaken for them. However, as they can do a considerable amount of damage to any wood-based structure, it’s important to be aware of them and verify if you have any at your premises. 

If you do find them swift action should be taken, ideally starting by contacting a local professional pest removal service.

While many people are aware of the risk to their homes workplaces often overlook the risk, especially if you have a metal-clad building. It’s easy to forget there is still a wood structure supporting the metal and one that can be easily damaged by these pests.

Signs They’re Clocking In

You need to know the signs of a termite issue in order to take the appropriate action. There are several signs to be wary of.

  • Mud Tubes

Walk around the perimeter of your property. If you have mud against your walls look for small holes in the mud.  These are tubes that the termites use to get in and out of your foundations.

Cover a couple over and check a day or two later. If they’ve been uncovered or a new tube has appeared nearby, the termites are active.

  • Holes In Your Wood

Termites generally prefer untreated softwood but they’ll target almost any type of wood if necessary. Check any wood you can see to ensure there are no small, pinprick, hoes. These indicate the presence of termites. You may also see a small amount of dust on the floor near the homes. 

  • Cracked Paint

When termites are eating their way through the wood around your home they are likely to push outward, causing the paint on the surface to bubble or crack. If you see this you’ll want to check further for the presence of termites. 

  • Wings Near Doors & Windows

When termites are ready to leave the nest they fly out to doors and windows. At this point, they’ll lose their wings and start to create new nests. You’ll notice piles of wings on the floor near the doors and windows, telling you that there’s a termite issue that needs to be dealt with. The sooner you take action the better.

  • Visible Termites

Of course, you may actually see the termites although this is not a common occurrence. They prefer to avoid humans and utilize dark routes. However, there are times when your paths cross. If this happens, watch where they go as this will give you an indication of where the nest is.

Taking Action

Alongside ringing the professionals you should install termite bait stations at key points around your building. These can be kept in place all the time, acting as a deterrent as well as destroying any current activity.

Of course, you’ll need to combine this with annual inspections to ensure the termites are not giving you an issue. If you have any doubts its best to contact a professional and take action, that’s preferable to the workplace falling down around you.