The Adoption Of Smart Home Tech Into Homes Of The Future

The smart home tech industry is exploding in popularity as millions around the world are rapidly adopting this emerging tech into their homes. Nearly 70% of all American households now own a smart device, with over 175 million smart homes worldwide. The number of smart devices being shipped every year is already in the hundreds of millions with a projected total devices shipped hitting 1.77 billion in 2025. 

Smart devices of all kinds are being incorporated into homes around the world as people begin to modernize their homes. From fridges and hvac system to light bulbs and mirrors, smart devices are spreading around all areas of the home as many look for new smart alternatives to their existing appliances. These appliances require regular maintenance to keep them functional and efficient. Your ac unit, for instance, is advised to receive annual ac maintenance services. If you notice any issues with your fridge, contact a refrigerator repair technician at once to determine the cause and do the necessary repair before it gets worse.

Younger generations have fallen in love with smart home tech. Many new homeowners want smart devices and smart security systems incorporated into their homes, and are willing to pay extra for a more connected home. Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to adopt these new technologies because they see the benefits that smart home tech brings to the table. 

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Smart Devices and Homes of the Future