The Audio Storyteller for Kids

Kids love stories. They want to be told stories while in the car, at home over a meal, and especially when it’s time for bed — probably the most effective delaying tactic ever invented. But parents and caregivers don’t always have the time to sit down with a child and tell them a fairy tale or shaggy dog story. There’s no need for parents and others to feel guilty about this anymore. The latest wrinkle in children’s technology is the audio storyteller — a simple device developed for children so they can choose a story and then hear it narrated by a professional reader. The device is about the size of a pocket book and the outside is a tough durable plastic so it can withstand bumps and drops without breaking apart. It’s ideal to take along on long car trips or to keep a sick child company when they’re laid up for a few days.

Brands include My Fabulous Storyteller, Echo Dot Kids Edition, and Storynory. Prices range anywhere from 70 to 90 dollars.

Batteries are self charging, so they can be brought along on long trips. The stories range from classics like The Little Mermaid to the Goosebumps series. Most of them have a storage capacity for at least forty ten minute audio tales. Many of the stories are interactive, so the kids get to pick which ending they want to hear, and can also respond to the questions that narrators will ask during the story.