The Parallels of Oldawan and Modern Psychology’s The Collective Unconscious in Our African Unconscious-The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology by Dr. Edward Bynum

Dr. Edward Bynum in his book Our African Unconscious – The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology discusses that the origins of humanity started in Africa. Furthermore, he explores in absorbing detail the world’s civilization including the arts, sciences, spirituality, and the Collective Unconscious are rooted in Africa. Dr. Bynum parallels Oldawan the African concept of the Ancient Soul and modern Western psychology’s the Collective Unconscious.

The Universal Pool of All Knowledge – The Collective Unconscious is Deeply African at its Roots

The term Collective Unconscious originated by psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung who, according to Dr. Bynum, felt a deep psychic affinity to Africa. He left Europe and visited Africa on multiple occasions feeling at home. Sigmund Freud, Dr. Bynum states was also aware of this primordial affinity, referring to it as a “racial memory.”  Dr. Bynum describes the unconscious as “a dimension of mental life in which information is processed outside of conscious awareness.” Humanity’s ancestors came out of Africa so this leads to the notion that at the deepest level human consciousness is African. 

Unearthing Our Human Ancestry Back to Ancient Africa

Through detailed research, Our African Unconscious takes the reader through an in-depth journey starting in Africa and radiating out to the beginnings of the world’s civilizations. Starting with early man in Africa from around 2.5-3 million years ago, then as Homo erectus spread to other areas of the world. All the types of hominids developed in the region that is today called Africa, so their collective memories are part of the human experience – the Collective Unconscious. Dr. Bynum details that the Romans had a deep memory of ancient Egypt as well as many other peoples. Our African Unconscious investigates that by the time other cultures such as the Greeks encountered the Egyptians, the ancient Egyptians or Kemetics, had already created several scripts, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, mummification, a form of biological psychiatry, the pyramids and a premise calendar which helped the Greeks advance. Dr. Bynum shows how the world’s scientific advances can be traced back to Africa. 

Explore and dive deep in this researched book, Our African Unconscious by Dr. Edward Bynum. 

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