The Glass Ceiling, How Can Women Overcome It?

When one is confident that one has all the qualities to become a success, it does not mean one can feel any less about themselves. Eliminate assumptions and failure is not a weakness; aim high and achieve fantastic success.Cultivating confidence, shattering the glass ceiling are some of life’s great pleasures. It allows one to live in the moment, not letting any adverse events define one. It allows one to take risks and be creative, not settling down for comfort.

One sees the glass ceiling as a subconscious foundation of fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity. This foundation is that a woman needs to work on herself to let go of perfectionism, develop confidence, and become a genuine “people person.” The first thing one will need to learn is how to build a network.

The purpose of building a network of like-minded women is so one can each create a sense of trust within themselves and others. Each of us will get to know each other better and develop a deeper, more profound relationship based on those values. Suppose one feels threatened or uncomfortable because one is afraid of rejection or being judged by others. In that case, one needs to rewire their thinking and understand that fear only holds one back from getting to that much closer connection to all things human.

One must know that there is always room for improvement. A woman can break the glass ceiling, but only one person must make it. One. So, it is up to one to take that first step and improve themselves and their life. A friend of mine also sent me these brilliant empowering quotes for females and I just love them, so give them a read.

The glass ceiling may not seem like much, but it is genuine. Diego Ruiz Duran recognizes that it is something that is stopping one from reaching their full potential. It is also something that one will have to overcome to succeed in their personal and professional lives. One needs to believe in themselves more than anything else. Start viewing themselves as successful now. She can break the glass ceiling by taking baby steps. The first step is to start noticing everything around one. Go out and talk to successful people. There is no reason one cannot pick up a few tips and tricks from them.

The second thing one must do is believe that one will be successful. The glass ceiling is created by limiting their self-talk. Once one begins to think that one will succeed, one whole outlook on life will change. This is so important and can make such a huge difference. Women often think they are failures because of what they are not doing in their lives.

The glass ceiling is not a natural obstacle. It is more mental and emotional. If one continues to believe that one will be a failure and this belief will create a negative mental state, then one will be. Just look at successful women in the media and books.

The next thing one must do is believe that one is going to achieve success. Visualize the result of where one wants to be and continue to remind themselves every single day. Do not give up. If one does not get it done, there is always next time. The first step is to talk to oneself and tell themselves that one can do it. Diego Ruiz Duran continues to fight for female equality.