Fiction Shapes Our Perspective of the Real World

Can Fiction Shape Our Future?

Books change lives. Pick up any fiction, and you’ll realize it’s not too detached from the world we live in. A good novel can help you see what already exists – only much clearer. Fiction has the power to raise important questions, help shape our minds, and drive home the message. So, in that sense, Fiction shapes our perspective of the real world.

The books that make me reflect on the consequences of my views, choices, and actions are the ones that have changed my life forever.

418: I Am a Teapot by Edgar Scott

“418: I Am a Teapot” by Edgar Scott is a dystopian sci-fi novel about a near-future where people’s brain is programmed to live in the online world by choice or punishment. The catch is their entertainment allowance comes with a cost. These people have no idea their bodies are being exploited to perform some pretty mucky tasks. This is a story of George/ 418, who becomes aware of his condition and tries to break free.

We love technology that betters our lives and entertains us. But in return, how much of yourself are you willing to lose? To find your answer and maybe, a happy ending, order your copy of “418: I Am a Teapot” today.

The Commander by Kevin Groh

“The Commander: Guardian of Utopia” from the Omni Legend series by the German author Kevin Groh is a space marine fiction. It takes you to Utopia, now humanity’s second home for more than two centuries. It’s governed by corporations waging war with advanced alien races. When the protagonist, Carter Sanders, is thrown into military training, he sees things for what they are and decides to take a stand.

Although this story takes place several centuries in the future, it relates to our world’s current situation of our world. And the issue is, why is human evolution failing to match pace with the huge technical progress? Get your copy of “The Commander: Guardian of Utopia” to find out.

Fine by AmyLea Murphy

“Fine” by AmyLea Murphy is a very timely young adult novel with a heartwarming message. It’s a story about two sisters Katie and Anna. The older sister Anna, a straight-A student, cheerleader, and all-rounder goes missing. Six years go by, but no one can tell what happened. When Katie’s life begins to fall apart, she decides to find clues to piece the mystery of her sister’s disappearance. In the process, she discovers Anna’s secrets and the dark truths of her life that she kept from everyone, even those she loved so dearly.

Why do we have to put on a brave face, hide behind a façade, and brave up to the world we live in today? To discover the author’s message and the hard truth of this young, seemingly fine teenager, get your copy of “Fine” today.

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