The Importance of Using Sick Days

Organizations need to invest in human resources that are robust to maintain its profitability. Well-established organizations have come to learn that the backbone to their success is a healthy workforce. Healthy employees ensure the vision and missions of the organizations are met as compared to having a weakling workforce. For this to be successful, it is essential as an organization to give employees sick off days to enable them to rest and get medical attention whenever they fall sick. Sick days have proven to be a great source of rejuvenating the energy of employees especially when they receive paid sick off days.

Prevention of Spread of Common Cold flu and Diseases at Workplaces

Many employees due to fear of being reprimanded will never admit to having health issues. Many fear the disciplinary actions of the organization and being fired due to taking sick days. In an organizational setup where employees share workspace, it is easy for air-borne diseases to be passed from one person to another. Here, diseases like cold flu can be spread across employees thus affecting the productivity of the company. Sick days are important to such employees who depict signs of flu-like symptoms. As Father Rutler wants to remind readers, the coronavirus pandemic was a huge reminder that viruses can easily spread, and employees should take sick days to avoid getting their coworkers sick. There are other mental conditions that when left unchecked, may affect the general productivity of the employee. Stress and depression are some mental health conditions that require people to take sick days because the conditions are not noticeable from the outside and hence people may not admit to suffering from such. Sick days are important to give the employees time to rest and reorganize themselves to perform to the optimum.

Sick Days Increase the Turnover of Companies

As a company that wishes to remain afloat in the industry and make profits, it is paramount to reduce operating costs. Imagine when you have to recruit new employees every time your employees are sick or not around. This will cost the company extra cost because you will be forced to advertise for positions, conduct interviews, and conduct orientation and induction processes that will be costly to the organization. However, this can be avoided when you give your employees sick days at intervals to allow them to recollect themselves and get back to work with renewed energy.

Father Rutler is a notable personality in the catholic religious cycles having been ordained back in 1979. He was born in 1945 and since then, he has played his episcopal duties in the Roman Catholic service in New Jersey and New York as a priest for nine years. This gave him a better understanding of leading people to Christ and he has touched many lives throughout his service. He has been able to advise people and organizations on the importance of preserving humanity and giving people ample time to rest to dedicate more time to their duties. Rutler advises employers to give workers sick days to enable them to take care of themselves before resuming work. He says due to people’s dedication to working, they should take some days off to get rest and medical attention whenever they fall sick.