The Most Common Things Stolen from Storage Units

Do you have a storage unit filled with items that you’ve been holding onto for years, but the thought of them collecting dust is more than you can bear? Do you wonder if someone might be tempted to break into your storage unit and steal all those precious belongings? If so, then perhaps it’s time to find a new storage facility! There are many reasons why stolen goods from storage units keep showing up on pawn shop shelves. Although some people may think they’re not as likely as other stolen goods to be sold in a pawn shop, this simply isn’t true. Here are the top five things most commonly stolen from storage units:

  1. Tools – Both hand tools and power tools show up often on pawn shop shelves. From everyday screwdrivers, to power saws, they’re stolen the most.
  1. Firearms – It may not seem obvious that stolen firearms are commonly sold in pawnshops, but many are stolen for this reason.
  1. Gold and silver – These days there is a high demand for precious metals. Many times these precious metals are stolen from storage units – with or without their original containers. This isn’t always the case though; sometimes people actually intend on selling stolen gold in a pawn shop!       
  1. Fine art – So you think your beautiful painting of Elvis is safe in your storage unit? Think again! Pawn shops are notorious for trying to sell stolen paintings—and it happens more often than you think.
  1. Collectible coins – Sure, storage facilities have their own security system in place because of this high risk factor. But that doesn’t stop people from stealing them anyway! They’re stolen for a variety of reasons: some hope to resell them, while others simply hoard them for themselves. What happens afterwards is that stolen coins end up being sold at pawn shops, where they then sit on the shelves because many times no one knows they’ve been stolen.
  1. Commercial tools and equipment – This is another item that is often stolen from storage units. Construction companies, for example, may have a number of expensive tools and equipment stored in a unit when they’re not in use. But the unfortunate truth is that these items are often stolen and sold at pawn shops.

So the next time you walk into your storage unit, think about the security of it. Because even though stolen goods sitting on pawn shop shelves might not seem like a big deal, they could lead to stolen goods in your own home! If you need a new storage unit, contact a company like Protection Self Storage. They provide storage units in a variety of sizes and have the security you need to ensure your valuables are protected.