5 Reasons New Parents Should Childproof the Plumbing

If you’re a new parent and you’re childproofing your home, there’s one area that’s often overlooked: the plumbing. An easy mistake to make, but serious damage could be done to your child if they got their hands on any of these objects.

Here are 5 reasons why childproofing the plumbing is important for the safety of all the children in your home as well as those who visit:

  1. Toilet paper tubes can become an instant favorite toy for little ones trying to explore their environment. They’ll stick them all over themselves and figure out how to crawl into tight spaces with them just because it seems like fun and comfort at first until they come across something potentially dangerous such as sharp edges, electrical cords, et cetera. The last thing you want them to do is put a toilet paper tube in their mouth and choke on it or worse, suck it into their airway.
  1. The pull-chain that raises the flap from inside the tank to the outside of it can be pulled accidentally by curious children’s hands as they play with toys around it. This not only defeats the purpose of the childproofing, but if they actually manage to flush everything down before you can shut off the water supply, they’ll have a very impressive mess on their hands courtesy of your plumbing system being damaged by excessive water pressure going through those tubes and exiting out other places due to blockages. Water damage restoration companies know that water damage can come from many sources, including weather-related events such as storms and floods, plumbing leaks, and even accidents. No matter the source, water damage can be a serious issue that require experts attention. Therefore, call a plumber that provides plumbing repair in Newton, NC to immediately look into plumbing leaks.
  1. If there are any exposed electrical outlets as part of the childproofing, children will go exploring as they do and it’s possible they could stick things in those outlets such as metal objects accidentally or on purpose. This not only poses a potential safety hazard around open wires and exposed sockets, but your child may get electrocuted if they touch those wires and there’s enough current going through them to complete the circuit.
  1. Your child may be fascinated by the bathtub faucets and play with turning them on and off while you’re busy doing something else where you can’t keep an eye on them; that is, until they find out that water squirting from those spigots is fun. They’ll turn one on full blast only to catch their tiny hands with the powerful spray of water which is enough to bruise them. Worse yet, they may turn both on at the same time and flood your bathroom if their aim isn’t quite where it should be when they’re playing. Visit https://stellarklh.com/locations/pasadena/ for emergency cleanup services.
  1. Plumbing systems are complex in every home whether you have one child or five children. If a child were to crawl into a small space and get themselves stuck inside this maze of tubes and tunnels that’s difficult for adults to maneuver through much less tiny humans, there could be some serious injuries from crawling around trying to find a way out because you can’t just wiggle your way out like we do in sitcoms whenever someone gets themselves stuck somewhere inconvenient such as behind a couch or even under a child gate. Another instance would be if you just had a water heater installation or tankless water heater replacement for your Rancho Santa Fe home, they might be scalded by the hot water. If there’s something heavy on top of them, you don’t even have to imagine the danger they could be in because it could become a reality if your child is stuck inside with no one being able to reach them or get help for them if their situation turns dire.

Childproofing the plumbing isn’t just good for your child’s safety but also anyone else who may enter your home when you’re not around such as service people that come in to fix things when needed. The last thing you want is someone getting hurt by your child mischievously playing around in areas they can access when adults are trying to work and thinking everything is childproof only to find out very differently once it’s too late. If a disaster happened to strike your childproofed plumbing, it’s good to have an emergency plumber on call, especially if you need help with new septic system installations, water damage restoration, sewer repair, and any other Plumbing System Repair. So, connect with services such as this plumbing repair in San Jose, CA and nearby areas now.