The Pros and Cons to Renovating an Old House

There is no doubt that purchasing an older home is riskier than buying a new one. New homes come with guarantees and the work should all be completed. But, older homes generally have more character and more space than the modern equivalent. 

If you’re in the market and are trying to choose between old and new homes then consider the pros and cons of renovating an old home.

The Pros

Check out these great reasons to undertake a renovation project on an older house:

  • Cost

Buying an old house is considerably cheaper than purchasing a new one. Even if you allow for the cost of renovating you’ll find that the overall cost is better. In addition, you’ll need a smaller mortgage and you can take your time with the renovations, allowing you to spread the cost. If you still need some help with mortgage, you must contact an experienced and trustworthy mortgage lender.

  • Character

Older homes generally have more space and more character. You can incorporate these into a renovation and make a unique home. It will look fantastic and serve your purposes perfectly. When looking to modify your home exterior you can start by making some changes to your home roof, you might want to get a hand from experts like the vancouver roofers. Or if your roof needs to be replaced because of wind damage, call the M&Y Pittsburgh Roofing for a new roofing installation.

  • Strength

There is something to be said about older houses. They were built to last and are likely to outlast any modern home. Yes, you’ll need to do some work, such as hiring a winter park plumber to update the plumbing, but this home should last your lifetime if you want it to. You may also need the services of residential electrician to repair or update the electrical system of the property.

The Cons

It’s worth being aware of the cons although this may not be enough to put you off the renovation project.

  • Structural Issues

Older homes are more likely to have damage inside the walls and floors that cannot be seen. It will be discovered when you start to do the renovation work and could add considerable cost to the project.

It is possible to detect issues via magnetic particle testing, if you’re considering renovating an older home having this test done is a good idea.

  • Renovation Cost

If you start renovating without realizing what you’re getting into you’ll find the costs can quickly rise, potentially making the project unviable. According to renovations Dublin, that’s why it’s essential to have plenty of surveys done before you commit to purchasing an older home.

You should also make sure you have funds in reserve to allow for unforeseen occurrences. No matter how well you plan there will be some.  

  • Toxic Materials

You should be aware that many older homes had lead plumbing, lead paint, and asbestos linings for this type of work you can rely on companies like asbestos survey birmingham.

All of these are hazardous to your health and must be disposed of properly. You may need to have this handled by a professional and this can add significant cost to your renovation. 

Don’t forget that an older house will have a few surprises for you. They won’t all be pleasant ones and they may affect your budget and the timescale of renovations. It’s important to be aware of this before you start. Don’t forget to test your house for radon using a profession restoration and construction company. If radon levels are high, a residential radon mitigation company may be able to help make the property’s indoor air quality safer.

The bottom line is that an older home can make a great family home and be cheaper, even with renovations costs. You simply have to go in with your eyes open.