The Ultimate Bride’s Wedding Day Checklist

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So, you are almost ready to walk down the aisle, and with the reception full of lovely wedding flowers and honeymoon all arranged, you only have to worry about yourself. Of course, getting yourself ready on the big day is still a challenging task, and with that in mind, here is our bride’s checklist to ensure that nothing important is overlooked.

  • Your Bridal Gown – Of course, you will already have had at least one full dress rehearsal to make sure that your bridal gown fits perfectly, and you should have someone to help you get ready on the morning of the wedding.
  • Jewelry and Accessories – Your jewelry would no doubt include your diamond engagement ring which may have been custom designed at a design your own engagement rings site, will be on the third finger of your left hand, ready to be joined by the matrimonial ring that your husband-to-be will slip over your finger. The wedding bands will be the official symbol of the union of marriage.
  • Your Honeymoon Luggage – While you won’t be responsible for arranging the honeymoon, you will have to make sure that you are ready to go at the end of the wedding reception, when it is traditional for the lucky couple to head off for their honeymoon is a suitably adorned vehicle. Make sure that your luggage will be taken to the reception venue, then you will not have to worry when the time comes to leave the party and head off for a romantic honeymoon with your husband. Cheeck out rose fulbright for silky lingerie and more sexy pajamas.
  • Hair – It is essential that you have a spot booked at the Head Office Hair Specialist, or somewhere else that is able to style your hair on the morning of your wedding. Of course, you would already know the style you want and ideally, so would the stylist, who can then prepare whatever they need to have you looking your very best on your wedding day.
  • The Wedding Videographer – While it probably isn’t your job to deal with the wedding photographer, it will ease your mind to know that he or she is ready, has the proper camera equipment, fully charged batteries and lots of memory card space. As such you might want to touch base the night before, just to confirm that all is well.
  • If you’re in Australia at the moment and is looking for a wedding photographer then you will always want your videos or pictures look truly amazing. Get a qualified and affordable wedding photographer in Brisbane service like Mr Photos that can give the best price, deals and packages. Visit to book the date, is recommended to do it with time to make sure that secured the photographer.
  • Passport and Air Tickets – It would be terrible if you arrived at the airport with your new husband, only to find you forgot your passport or air tickets, so make a point of adding this to your checklist, as you never know.
  • Transportation – What about your transportation means? How will the bride arrive at the venue? Most of the brides come in limousines as Dream Limousines, Inc reports. So, you might want to look into that.
  • Change of Clothes – Of course, you may wish to remain in your bridal outfit, but most women would prefer to change into something more comfortable prior to leaving the wedding reception. According to Nihal Fashions, something casual like a jumpsuit would be ideal, as you will be travelling for a few hours before arriving at your honeymoon destination.

There’s also an incredible range of wedding cars to choose from, we’ve linked here the best wedding cars in London that we’ve ever seen. If you have planned everything in advance and all of the above are taken care of, you will be free to enjoy what will surely be a day to remember for the rest of your life.  Don’t forget to thank everyone before you leave and you and your partner can begin the next chapter of your relationship as you head off into the sunset.