Tips for Freelance Workers

Tips for Freelance Workers

Working as a freelancer is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and time and effort to build up the skills needed to make money independently. Alexander Djerassi knows that working as a freelancer is fun but there are a lot of struggles. Alexander Djerassi has some tips for those working as a freelancer.

Keep Records

It is important to have some form of a record keeping system. This will allow a person to know which clients paid them and which ones did not. They will also keep track of their workload this way. Any other employee or company keeps track of their profits and freelancers need to do the same. They need to make sure they have money coming in so they can continue the business. Here’s why freelancers should make paystubs on their own.

Get a Deposit

People cannot always be trusted. When doing a big job for someone it is important to get a deposit. This way the freelancer has some security that they will be paid. They should go over the fee with the client including the hourly rate. They can create invoices online so that there are no surprises at the end of the job.

Emergency Fund

It is important to have an emergency fund set up. A person may have a month where business is good and they are making a lot of money. There may be other months when things are not so good and they will make less. It is important to have money set aside for this time and have money in case the freelance business gets slow.

Quality Service

Even if a person has been working with the same clients for a long time they need to still give them quality service. If they take them for granted they can ruin things. It is important to check in with regular clients and make sure they are happy. This will keep things smooth and keep them coming back.

Handle Rejection

Alexander Djerassi wants to point out that there will be a time when a freelancer has a client that does not like their work. They will get passed up on a job if someone has a better price or more experience. Rejection is part of working and it should not be taken personally. A person will need to get up and move on.

Up to date Information

It is important to keep all online information up to date. This includes any social media pages for the business and portfolios. Contact information needs to be current. If the information is outdated then a person may be losing out on new clients. This is also hurting their ranking when it comes to being found in the search results.

These are some tips for freelancers. A freelancer can do something that they enjoy and something that they are good at without having to worry about a boss. A freelancer still needs to take their job seriously and realize they are running a business for profit. These tips can help a freelancer make a profit and enjoy their work.