Tips for Planning Your Post-Coronavirus RV Road Trip

rv drives down a road with red rock in background on a road trip

Restricted travel due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) means that many of us are missing being on the road. In fact, a lot of us are missing just going to our favorite restaurants or visiting friends.

We can’t predict when coronavirus precautions might end, so planning a road trip for next week isn’t feasible at the moment. But the extra time you’ve most likely gained at home means that now is the perfect time to start planning future vacations. If you’re missing traveling right now, what better way is there to quell your wanderlust than by planning an awesome RV road trip for a few months down the line?

Spontaneous road trips can be great, but especially if you’re the type of person to hit the road with few resources or plans, now might be a good time to try a different method and plan ahead to see how great a vacation can be when it’s planned ahead of time. So to help you stay sane during quarantine, here are some tips for planning your post-coronavirus RV road trip.

Update Your RV

Anything can be turned into a positive. And the fact that you can’t drive around in your RV much right now might not seem great, but it gives you a great opportunity: you have plenty of time to upgrade your RV and its amenities while you’re not on the move.

Are there any upgrades you know would make your life easier, but that you’ve been putting off? You might consider getting a brand new, custom RV mattress to make sure you get a comfortable night’s sleep in your RV. You could update the kitchen appliances, so you have a more efficient fridge or stove. Or it might be time to add some new technology to your RV. Now is the perfect time to make adjustments and upgrades you’ve been postponing because you lacked the time.

Plan a Scenic Route

When you can’t go anywhere, fantasizing about where you’re going to go in the future can keep you entertained. You have plenty of time to start planning your next trip and make sure that you choose the best possible route. There are even some cool tools available to help you, like online map tools that will suggest the most scenic route for you and help you to avoid the busiest roads.

You’re not in any hurry to start or finish your trip just now, so you can take your time planning exactly where you want to go. Choose a route that allows you to take everything in and enjoy the journey, instead of feeling rushed.

Choose Potential Dates

Setting a concrete date for your next RV trip is a little tricky right now, as we don’t know when social distancing might be over. However, it’s still possible to think about dates and try to stay flexible so that you’re ready to go when you can. You can choose a few different dates for consideration, so if you miss one, you have a backup plan you can fall on.

Instead of picking exact dates you want to set in stone, you might consider certain times during different seasons. Think about choosing one week for travel in the middle of summer, one at the end of summer, and one in the beginning of fall to set aside as options.

Even if the effects of COVID-19 don’t allow things to return to normal for a few months, there could still be plenty of time left for RV trips this year.

Create a Budget

These uncertain times mean that your financial situation can be a little uncertain too. When you’re planning your next RV road trip, you can benefit from having a budget. It will allow you to set money aside for your trip and plan how you’re going to spend it when you get the chance to go on your trip so that you can travel on a budget and still make time for pleasure this year, even if the pandemic’s got you down.

Planning your next RV road trip is a great way to keep yourself busy while you’re waiting for things to get back to normal.