Tips For Throwing A Salon-Themed Birthday Party

All girls deserve to look and feel beautiful because all of them are beautiful inside and out. It’s fun for girls to play around with hair and makeup because it teaches them that they can be creative, build self-confidence, and show the world their true self through makeup. It’s also a great way to build friendships because hair and makeup is a shared interest among lots of girls. That’s partly why salon-inspired birthday parties are big hits! You may also consider hiring a company that offers balloon arches to make your birthday more memorable. If you’re planning one, here are nine great ideas to make it a success!

1.) Themed Up-Do Challenge

Girls love to dress up, have fun, and play games. By taking your queues from a real salon, you can set up events that will make the party shine. There are diy supplies for gel nails you can buy to paint your nails yourself. Glitterbels has the best builder gel that you can use to create any nail shape you desire. A themed up-do challenge is a great way to do all of those things while making girls laugh. In this challenge, the girls are given various themes like prom night hair, out on the town makeup, and 80’s-inspired looks. They have to recreate that look for a panel of judges, family members, or the other girls!

2.) Curly or Straight

It’s fun to play around with different textures. Have various curling irons, crimpers, and straighteners available for the girls to sample if they’re old enough. If not, enlist the help of an older sister to be the styling guru. The girls can try different textures that are different from how they normally rock their hair! Make sure to have cameras on hand so they can have a photo of their new look. This is a great way for girls to find a new style they might not have thought of before.

3.) Wedding Day Hair, Makeup

All little girls dream about their big day and what it will look like. That’s why it’s fun to give them the opportunity to create what they think they’ll look like on the big day. Have plenty of glittery makeup, soft eyeshadows, and tiaras on hand for the girls to dress up with. If you have old wedding dresses, it’s great to make those available too. Take lots of pictures because those are great to give to the girls later on when it’s their actual wedding day!

4.) Get Ready in the Dark Challenge

This is a fun one for girls. In this challenge, the kids are once again given a hair and makeup theme. They are then given a certain amount of time and the lights are turned off. They have to quickly and accurately do their hair and makeup in the dark. The results are hysterical!

5.) Makeup Relay Race

A makeup relay race is fun because it really gets the girls moving! In this challenge, girls work in pairs to complete challenges quickly at different stations that have to do with hair and makeup. First challenge? Paint your nails with your eyes closed. Second challenge? Quickly put on a facemask and cucumbers over your eyes then, slowly feel your way to the next challenge. These are fun and there’s no shortage of ideas that relate to a salon!

6.) Truth or Dare Hair, Makeup Edition

Truth or dare is a very popular kids game. It’s also an easy one to make salon-themed! Did someone pick truth? Ask them their most embarrassing hair or makeup mishap! Dare? Dare them to do their makeup in a silly way and then go out in public!

7.) Makeup, Hair, and Juice Bar

When having a beauty salon-themed birthday party, it’s important that the girls feel pampered. Think of your favorite salon? Now, recreate it! Have some of the latest and greatest makeup and hair products available for girls to sample! A lot of kids like to keep up with trends. Recreate facials and airbrush makeup tutorials modeled after how it’s done at your favorite salon!

8.) Pampering With the Professionals

If you want to take your party up a notch, bring in the beauty salon professionals! A lot of times you can rent beauty salon professionals to come in and show the girls how to do their hair and makeup. They can also bring in fun products to try and they can provide facial rejuvenation services.

9.) End With Salon-Themed Cookies, Goodie Bags

When ending the night, give the girls something salon-themed to take home. You can easily recreate fun little cookies in the shape of lipstick tubes, hairdryers, nail files and more! You can also make little goodie bags with travel-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles, head bands, clips, fake nail sets, and more! Making kids feel beautiful and boosting their self confidence is important. A salon-themed birthday party is sure to do just that.